Camping just isn’t complete without a roaring fire.

From Backyard to Backcountry: These Are the Perfect Fire Pits for Any Scenario
Courtesy of Solo Stove
The Solo Stove Bonfire

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In the forest, on a beach, or in the backyard, camping trips are simply inadequate without the aesthetically pleasing addition of a fire pit.

One of our favorite companies that offers a line of sleek, compact remedies to that hapless equation is Solo Stove, a lineup of wood-burning contraptions that allow owners to take a roaring campfire with them wherever they go.

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Since its 2011 launch with the Solo Stove Lite, a less-than-1-lb. camp stove that can power an efficient cooking flame using only sticks and twigs, the company has expanded its line to incorporate larger camp stoves, fire pits, grills, cooking accessories, and more.

Most recently, the Texas-based innovators deviated from their traditional stainless steel finish when they announced the launch of the Elemental Color Series, a collection of ceramic-coated color palettes inspired by some of our planet’s most natural elements—water, clay, soil, sand, and ash—with each color applicable to fire pit models like the 12.5-inch-tall, 15-pound Ranger, the 14-inch, 20-pound Bonfire, and the grandaddy of them all: the 17-inch, 38-pound Yukon.

Solo Stove’s Elemental Color Series Ranger

Courtesy of Solo Stove

Like their predecessors, the Elemental Color Series uses Solo Stove’s 360-degree airflow and double-wall design to limit smoke and smell, create an efficient secondary blaze, and burn its contents into a fine ash, making clean-up easier than ever.

Even better than the launch of this new line, however, was the company’s announcement that it would celebrate by joining forces with One Tree Planted to plant 10,000 trees in contribution to much-needed reforestation efforts.

The initiative is part of a larger goal by the company to plant more trees than its products consume, something Solo Stove hopes to accomplish as part of a five-year plan to plant more than 1 million trees worldwide.

“We not only want to make an impact at your home, but far beyond that,” John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove, said in a press release. “The Elemental Color Series was created to pay homage to our world—and to the elements that surround and sustain us. Not only will this series provide a pop of color to backyards, but it will help support forests around the world.”

Every Solo Stove product comes with a lifetime warranty. Want to add that perfect fire to your favorite setting? Get your hands on the Elemental Color Series Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon fire pits.