The line of water bottle and reservoir products features built-in filters made by LifeStraw.

Straight from the River: CamelBak Systems Make Water Filtration Easier Than Ever
The CamelBak Eddy bottle filters water from any source with ease.

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Clean water is imperative, whether filtering from a tap at home or drinking river water in the backcountry. After all, no one wants an Oregon Trail video game-like dysentery disaster on their hands.

One company tackling clean water initiatives is CamelBak, which offers a line of water bottle and reservoir products featuring built-in filters made by LifeStraw.

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CamelBak’s 32 oz. Eddy bottle and 2-liter Crux Reservoir Filtration Kit, for example, come equipped with a system that filters water not once but twice courtesy of Hollow Fiber and Ion Exchange filters that improve taste and purity by reducing lead and chlorine and getting rid of microplastics, bacteria, and parasites.

The straw cap design of the Eddy bottle ensures spills or leaks will never be an issue, whether open or closed. Additionally, the bottle’s lightweight design is made from 50% recycled materials for a more sustainably-friendly product.

The company’s use of Tritan Renew recycling, a process designed to lower greenhouse emissions and one considered more efficient than general mechanized recycling, takes single-use waste and transforms it into durable, odor-resistant products free of bisphenol chemicals (e.g., BPA, BPS, BPF) traditionally found in plastics.

The 2-liter Crux Reservoir Filtration Kit, which can fit into any pack’s hydration pouch.


With the Crux Reservoir Filtration Kit, a leak-proof cap, on/off toggle, and Big Bite Valve—features familiar to anyone who has ever used a CamelBak reservoir—will keep every drop sealed. The reservoir’s Hydroguard construction, meanwhile, works to prevent bacteria growth in both the reservoir and tube, and like the Eddy bottle, the Crux Reservoir is free of BPA, BPS, and BPF.

Still, the best part of these Lifestraw-inspired CamelBak products is that every purchase secures one year of clean water funding for a child in need.

So, whether you’re venturing off the grid or just looking for reliable bottle to take to the gym, these will get the job done. Pick up a 32 oz. Eddy bottle today for $50 or the 2-liter Crux Reservoir Filtration Kit for $69.

And for more, check out the full line of the CamelBak-Lifestraw filtration products.