This lantern’s ChromaReal LED technology provides a warm glow that can be tailored to any environment.

Bask in the Glow of This Portable Lantern During Your Next Camping Trip


The BioLite AlpenGlow
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Another week, another WildLands gear iteration to highlight something you should be getting your hands on.

Light sources. They always seem to be the most unanticipated hiccup of camping.

Did you bring enough to adequately light your cooking area, enough to clean? How about situating your sleeping systems or locating that one solitary bug that disappeared minutes ago and is now tormenting your soul from unseen crevices?

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Fortunately, there is one such item that packs enough punch to solve all of these I-should-have-planned-better headaches in a single, compact frame.

The BioLite AlpenGlow Lantern, featured in both 250 and 500 lumens, is a portable, rechargeable light source featuring eight different light modes that make it a must-have for activities ranging from simply providing a little camp ambience to task-oriented endeavors in the backcountry.

Light modes include settings like “Cool and Warm White,” “Candle Flicker,” “Multicolor,” and “Fireworks,” and feature color palettes inspired by beautiful mountain sunrises and sunsets. The AlpenGlow’s internal accelerometer, meanwhile, allows owners to change from one light mode to the next simply with a quick shake of the wrist.

Whatever the setting, the lantern’s ChromaReal LED technology provides a warm glow that can be tailored to any environment. (And it keeps ticking in the rain, too.)

While its small size makes for easy packing, its built-in rechargeable battery is no slouch. Both the 250- and 500-lumen AlpenGlow lanterns are capable of running for five hours on high and 200 hours on the lowest setting.

Added features include a USB port to charge your phone or connect with products, LED technology, and a nesting hook that makes hanging the lanterns easy.

Pick up the 250-lumen variant for $59.95 or the 500 edition for $79.95. A bundle including both versions is also available for $139.90.

Happy camping!