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2024 Living Vehicle HD Exterior
Matt Wier

What do you get when an architect and his wife take their experience traveling full-time in mobile spaces to create a travel trailer? A luxurious, stylish, and super functional product—Living Vehicle (LV). The company and its line of models is the brainchild of Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, and we’ve featured the 2022 model in our Sunset Travel Awards.

There are two recently released new models for 2024—HD and LT, which are even more luxe, high-tech, and optimized for adventures on the go. The HD (Heavy Duty) model is a 30-foot long, three-axle vehicle that has a redesigned bedroom with three different options—King bed, Mobile Office, or Queen Bunk Room. The model also includes a Mini-Split HVAC system and an expanded solar roof. Matthew and Joanna say that in the marine world, the HD is most akin to a Luxury Motor Yacht.

2024 Vehicle HD Interior
The kitchen and dining area of the HD.

Matt Wier

The LT (Luxury touring) model is a 24-foot-long travel trailer that “offers agility and adaptability for off-grid travels.” It has the same energy capabilities as the HD. There’s a smaller front sleeping area, with the Euro Loft queen in the living room serving as the primary sleeping space. A multipurpose gear closet can also double as a two-person bunk room and private office.

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We chatted with Matthew and Joanna about the ins and outs of the new models—read our interview below.

2024 Living Vehicle LT Floor Plan
The LT Floor Plan with Bunk Beds.

Courtesy of Living Vehicle

What was your inspiration for these new models? Design and aesthetic-wise, what was the inspiration?

At our core, we are passionate about design and architecture, with a focus on creating functional and sustainable spaces that people can call home. As a mobile product that is designed to take you outside, the Living Vehicle must consider real-life implications of design, function, and sustainability. From traveling on the freeway to off-road adventures, encountering extreme temperatures, and enduring ever-changing conditions, our designs prioritize quality and user experience.

We believe that quality is often overlooked when it comes to the RV industry and travel trailers, which is why we place so much emphasis on starting with a strong and intentional foundation and making each decision based on quality. This ensures that our customers have a safe and comfortable experience, whether they’re caught in a storm in sub-zero temperatures or unexpectedly off-grid for weeks at a time.

Our design inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Kengo Kuma, and Peter Zumthor. We admire their use of natural materials and their ability to work with the inherent properties of those materials to arrive at the most authentic and functional solution.

In addition to drawing inspiration from these renowned architects, we also take inspiration from nature itself. By respecting the inherent qualities of natural materials, we are able to create spaces that are not only functional but also harmonious with their surroundings. We believe that honest materiality and thoughtful design can create a sense of connection to the natural world, which is especially important when designing homes like Living Vehicle. By utilizing natural materials and creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful, we aim to inspire our customers to live in closer harmony with nature.

2024 Living Vehicle HD Floor Plan
The HD Floor Plan.

Courtesy of Living Vehicle

What are the new features on these models that differ from past models? And why were they added? (Was it based on market research? Customer feedback?)

The new HD model introduces never-before-seen features to the Living Vehicle lineup, such as the dual solar awning with the most solar ever installed on a travel trailer. The HD-PRO also boasts a 48″ horizontal knife-edge aluminum plane that extends out on each side for added space and functionality. This allows for an “all solar roof” with edge-to-edge solar panels.  

One of the most luxurious new accommodations in the HD model is the King bed, which is designed for customers who value a comfortable and spacious sleeping area, along with ample gear storage. The HD model also features 100% rigid closed-cell foam insulation and a conditioned basement that can keep the interior ice cool even in environments over 120°F. Additionally, the PRO model can withstand sub-zero temperatures down to an industry-first -4°F using electric heat.  Of course, we prioritize backup and redundant fuel sources when things don’t go exactly as planned.  

These new features were added based on customer feedback and market research, which revealed a need for more functional storage space and increased capability, power, and modern tech features. To address these needs, we increased the overall size of the flagship model by one foot and integrated extensive storage systems throughout the living room, kitchen, entryway, bathroom, bedroom, and exterior. The new models are designed to provide customers with the ability to go off-grid and explore the world with ease.

2024 Living Vehicle HD King Bedroom
The King bed in the HD vehicle.

Matt Wier

What were some of the design challenges you had to solve with these new models?

With each new model, we aim to incorporate innovative features and technologies while maintaining a balance between functionality and livable space. However, this can be a significant challenge, particularly when space is limited. For example, with the HD model, we wanted to increase its solar capabilities to improve energy efficiency, but the industry standard location for AC units was on the roof where solar panels would normally go. To resolve this challenge, we had to redesign the AC system and find an alternative location, which required careful consideration of the vehicle’s design and layout. This led us to an industry first where a Dual-Zone Mini-Split AC style system is fully integrated into the design. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is currently available on the market, which can pose various design hurdles that we must overcome. Ultimately, our goal is to create mobile homes that are both functional and comfortable for our customers, no matter where their adventures take them.

2024 Living Vehicle HD Bathroom
The bathroom in the HD vehicle.

Matt Wier

Do you have any personal favorite features or details?

From a lifestyle perspective, the shower truly feels like you are at a spa. The fully loaded kitchen, versatile deck, and Euro loft (a bed that comes out of the ceiling) are other conveniences we enjoy. All the luxuries that make it possible to live in a trailer every day while you are off the grid.

From a tech and innovation standpoint, one of the most exciting features is the solar awning that doubles solar capacity while providing shade and high-grade and painstakingly detailed cabinetry. Also noteworthy are the airtight windows, four-season insulation, the shell design that protects critical systems, and conditioned basement.

Overall, we love that with LV you never have to compromise comfort for functionality or aesthetics for utility. 

2024 Living Vehicle HD Solar Panels
Solar panels on the HD.

Matt Wier

Any other exciting features you’d like to call out?

Living Vehicle is thrilled to introduce two revolutionary features that enhance the off-grid living experience. Firstly, the Dual-Zone Mini-Split AC and Heating System is an industry-first innovation that integrates a European-style mini-split air conditioning system. With an impressive SEER 21 rating, this dual-zone system draws a fraction of the power required by traditional RV-style rooftop systems. With heating and cooling capabilities and a combined 24K BTU conditioning power, it is efficient and electric, enabling adventurers to explore the hottest and coldest climates. It can operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Secondly, the Street-side Dual Solar Awning is a remarkable engineering feat, featuring the highest solar capacity ever installed on a travel trailer. The awning comprises a 48” horizontal knife-edge aluminum plane that extends out to both sides of the HD-PRO, delivering up to 4,400 watts of solar power. The LT-PRO model comes equipped with a standard Dual Solar Awning and 3,400W of solar capacity. These two features allow Living Vehicle to provide off-grid enthusiasts with a truly electric, ultra-efficient, and sustainable living experience.

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