At Sagra’s pastoral locations, glamping meets sustainability across the West.

Cabin and Glamping Tents
Gabriela Herman

At Stemple Creek Ranch in West Marin, white safari tents and modular cabins sit clustered next to an edible garden in a dell ringed with wildflowers. Farm-to-table meals are grilled over a fire fueled with fallen oak. Guests learn the inner workings of the ranch by day, eat food cooked by Michelin-pedigreed chefs by night, and doze off reading about ecology in their well-appointed tents. Welcome to the future of agritourism. 

Stemple Creek is home to the first overnight farmstay and culinary experience hosted by Sagra, a hospitality startup connecting travelers with farms in stunning pastoral locations.

Al Fresco Dining by the Barn

Thomas J. Story

Inspired by the decades-long European tradition of farmers hosting guests at, say, olive oil farms or wineries in Tuscany or Provence, the founders of Sagra have added glamping and educational elements with an eye toward sustainability. Beautiful regenerative farms like Stemple Creek are going to be the cornerstone of the Sagra experience (the ranch is fully solar-powered, the beef is grassfed, the views are stunning). 

Sagra Stemple Creek Dining

Gabriela Herman

In the coming months Sagra is bringing more farms in the West and beyond into the fold.

Sagra Stemple Creek Glamping Tent

Gabriela Herman

Expect new additions to abide by the principles put into practice at Stemple Creek: Not only will the farms and ranches be postcard perfect, they’ll also be committed to soil health and animal welfare; the stylish cabins and tents will be tricked out in soothing neutrals with private bathrooms and low-flow Nebia showers; and the on-site shops will be stocked with naturally dyed bandanas and organic soaps along with books on sustainable farming. 

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