Roofnest just added one such tent to their lineup of hard-shell, weather-proof, and aerodynamic pop-ups.

This Car-Camping Pop-up Tent Takes Comfort and Ease to the Next Level
Courtesy of Roofnest
The inside of the Falcon Pro offers plenty of space.
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As cooler fall climates (hopefully) provide a much-needed respite from heat waves, domes, and all other contoured manifestations of temperature-related discomforts, the time should soon be right to do some camping. With Labor Day weekend right around the corner, why not hit the open road—in comfortable fashion?

For those who prefer easier camping methods over wrestling with uncooperative poles, hammering stakes, and the rest of the traditional campground tent set-up, there is the increasingly popular option of car camping via pop-up tents.

Roofnest just added one such tent to its already impressive lineup of hard-shell, weather-proof, and aerodynamic pop-ups that assemble in mere seconds, saving time that can instead be spent exploring, reading, or discussing how much time you just saved on setting up camp.

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A departure from the other flat-top models of Roofnest’s Falcon family, the Falcon Pro emphasizes ease and comfort by way of a sturdy shell that creates more interior space than its counterparts. Inside the waterproof tent that can comfortably sleep two, panoramic views are abundant via rainfly-protected windows twice the size of those on the original Falcon. The addition of an integrated skylight provides an added bonus of allowing campers to sleep under the stars.

Comfort is further augmented thanks to a 2.5-inch memory foam mattress (with quilted cover) and blackout coating on the tent’s lining, meaning you can keep the interior as cave-like as preferred during any time of day. Two battery-powered LED light strips attached to the top shell’s interior ensure nighttime visibility won’t be an issue, either.

For storage, the Falcon Pro comes standard with attached crossbars that can hold up to 150 pounds of gear when the tent is closed. (It holds 75 pounds when open.) A series of accessory channels, meanwhile, can be employed for anything from storing axes and shovels to running auxiliary lights.

When closed, the Falcon Pro’s dimensions are 83.5 inches long, 54 inches wide, and 8 inches tall, a full 4 inches wider than the standard Falcon. And yet, the larger size of the Pro still weighs just 165 pounds.

“We improved the capability, utility, and comfort, while keeping an eye on exterior dimensions and weight savings,” Roofnest Founder and CEO Tim Nickles said in a press release. “The result is a tent that is strong, beautiful, and full of great functionality. We are especially proud of the new awning, door, and window designs. These make getting in and out of the tent easier while improving weather protection and expanding usable interior space.”

Additional features of the Falcon Pro include:

  • Double-action latches that make opening and closing the tent easier than ever
  • 6-series aircraft-grade aluminum shell
  • A 270-degree awning
  • A maximum of 66 inches of headroom when open
  • A 2.5-inch memory-foam mattress with quilted cover
  • An 8.5-foot collapsible ladder
  • An anti-condensation mat
  • LED lights

As for the cost, the Falcon Pro is currently listed for $3,795, a total that includes free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.

The Roofnest Falcon Pro is now available for pre-order, with shipments expected in late October. Want to learn more about the Falcon Pro or Roofnest’s line of tents and accessories? Check them out today.