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Courtesy of Airstream
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The manufacturer of the longest line of award-winning recreational vehicles is putting their own spin on the van life movement with its reveal of a new line of off-road-ready Class B motorhomes tailored to those eager to get away from crowds and into the wilderness.

Airstream’s 2021 Interstate 24X Touring Coach, built on a Mercedes-Benz framework reminiscent of the auto behemoth’s van life-favorite Sprinter, is a fully-loaded, adventure-ready addition highlighted by a 24-foot floor plan with an abundance of storage for outdoor gear, a 4×4 drivetrain touting six all-terrain tires and wheels, an advanced power system, and the ability to tow up to 5,000 pounds.

An interior centerpiece that can seat up to six passengers can be converted into what Airstream is billing as the largest sleeping area of any Class B motorhome. Aluminum storage systems line the vehicle’s walls, ceiling, and floor, which, coupled with overhead storage on each side of the aisle, provide ample space for toting every piece of gear needed for that next expedition.

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“Your RV is a tool for adventure, and in designing this van we knew we had to stay true to that simple idea,” Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler said in a release. “An Airstream adventure van had to naturally combine the functionality of our Basecamp line with the luxurious amenities you see in the Interstate and Atlas. In the end, our design and engineering teams were able to create something that went beyond our expectations.”

Convertible sleep space

Courtesy of Airstream

Innovative designs in the Interstate 24X go a step further by making the adventurous van perfect for the remote worker. A four-mount modular table system—two in the back adjacent to bench seats, one in the front to complement the captain’s chairs, and one outside the sliding door that can serve as a standing desk or food-prep area—provides ample space to work comfortably and efficiently from anywhere.

“The wait is over and we couldn’t be more excited,” Airstream VP of Sales Justin Humphreys said in a release. “For those who want to head deeper into the woods—who want to get out there away from the crowds and find that perfect boondocking spot—the Interstate 24X lets you do that. You’re going to open your door and the adventure is waiting right outside.”

Additional features of the Airstream Interstate 24X, which can be ordered now and carries an MSRP of $213,850, include:

  • Two 100-amp Hour Deep Cycle Lithium Battle Born Batteries
  • 30-amp energy management system
  • 2,000-watt power inverter
  • 300 watts of flexible military grade solar panels for the house batteries, one 100-watt solar panel for the chassis battery, and solar controller
  • Advanced onboard wet bath
  • Front off-road 42-inch LED light bar, two side LED lights, two rear pod LED lights
  • Protective body coating on front and rear bumpers, down each side, and on the wheels
  • Hydronic Timberline Furnace and hot water system geared for rough climates
  • Pre-wiring for Airstream Connected, with 5G-ready cellular antenna
  • Kitchen countertop featuring a deep sink and cover, dual-burner cooktop, and microwave.

For a full list of amenities featured in the Interstate 24X Touring Coach, or for Airstream’s full product lineup, visit