The space is suitable for sleeping two adults and a child—or dog, depending on household preferences.

Roofnest Tent on Top of Car
Courtesy of Roofnest
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Warmer weather is beginning to call the masses forth from the cramped confines of apartments and homes back into the wild spaces we’re fortunate to call our playgrounds.

For those who prefer to supplement that migration with camping methods more comfortable than the traditional tent set-up at a campground, there is the increasingly popular option of car camping via pop-up tents.

Roofnest is one such tent brand that takes virtually all the work out of camping through their line of hard-shell, weather-proof, and aerodynamic pop-ups that assemble in mere seconds, saving loads of time that can instead be spent exploring.

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Now, that element of ease and comfort has been taken a step further with the company’s development of the Sparrow XL, a 61-inch wide, 86-inch long shell that comes stocked with a foam mattress that is very nearly queen-size.

At only 11.5 inches tall when closed, the beefed up tent, which is 7 feet long and boasts 40 inches of headroom when open, is a space suitable for sleeping two adults and a child—or dog, depending on household preferences.

“Our customers told us they wanted an even larger version of the Sparrow XL—and we delivered,” Roofnest founder and CEO Tim Nickles said in a release. “All of our Roofnest tents deploy in seconds, giving campers more time in the outdoors to do what they love. And the new, larger Sparrow XL gives them even more space to stow extra gear as well as sleep more comfortably.”

Additional features of the Sparrow XL, which is now available, include:

  • A fiberglass-reinforced ASA/ABS plastic roof panel
  • A 31-inch-wide space that can accommodate a 160-Watt solar panel so campers can keep their electronics charged
  • A storage cubby molded into the rear of the shell
  • A waterproof storage bag to keep additional items dry
  • A three-inch thick foam mattress with an anti-condensation mat
  • Reinforced corners that keep the canvas quiet in windy conditions
  • Detachable 8.5-foot telescoping ladder

And as for the cost, the Sparrow XL starts at $3,395, a sum that includes free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.

Want to learn more about the Sparrow XL or Roofnest’s line of tents and accessories? Check them out today.

Happy camping!