You still have to take that sealed bag out to your bins, though

Townew Smart Trash Can in Kitchen (0120)
Courtesy of Townew

The biggest tech show of the year is underway, and while it’s full of new televisions, sound systems, cars, and more, one of the highlights of CES is a trash can. 

That’s right, a trash can. And not a big trash can, either: the Townew, which comes in mint and white, has the ability to seal a full trash bag for you, and even places a new one into the can once you take out the full one.

Courtesy of Townew

How does it work? The trash can has a Refill Ring full of about 30 days’ worth of trash bags in it, and the trash can itself is equipped with infrared sensors and fans to sense whether a bag is already placed, and to create a vacuum to both seal a full bag and bring down a new one when the sealed trash bag is removed. 

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The Townew has one button at the top, which you push when you’re ready to take out the trash. The team decided not to have the trash can decide to seal when the can senses it’s full, in case there’s something particularly stinky you’d like to take out right away. Plus, it makes more sense for the user to be ready to take away the sealed bag, versus finding out the bag is already sealed when you go to throw an additional item away. 

The Townew also has a motion sensor, so it’ll open when you wave over the top. It retails for $119.95 and is available now, and its Refill Rings come in both a regular plastic model for $19.95 and a biodegradable model for $29.95. 

TOWNEW Trash Can, $119.95
Courtesy of Townew