From adorable cube fridges to an epic indoor gardening system, these are the up-and-coming gadgets from the biggest tech show of the year

Hatch Restore
Courtesy of Hatch

The Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, officially kicks off today in Las Vegas. While the show covers everything from cars and computers to crazy inventions, one of the biggest consumer categories present is smart home. Here are some of the amazing smart home gadgets that have caught our eye so far—and we’ll update you right here with more throughout the week as the show continues.

Samsung Cube Refrigerator

Courtesy of Samsung

Samsung’s already known for its smart fridges, but one of its newest ones is smart for a whole new reason: size. The adorable Cube Refrigerator series comes in three new models of small refrigerators: wine, beer, and beauty. Not only can you customize what it’s for, but the pint-sized fridges come in a variety of colors for buyers to choose from. Pricing to be announced.

Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch

Courtesy of Brilliant

Brilliant’s smart switch control system was one of our favorite gadgets from 2019, and their newest product takes their invention and makes it more affordable to place throughout your entire home. The dimmer switch replaces a regular light switch to adjust the lights; it can also be tapped to trigger different routines that can activate other smart devices, like your smart speaker for music, making it easy to control your home with the touch of your hand.

Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch, from $69

Hatch Restore

Courtesy of Hatch

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight

Courtesy of Arlo

Smart security system Arlo brings its wire-free technology to its new Pro 3 Floodlight, one of the first wire-free variants of a floodlight to hit the smart home market. The sleek light packs powerful LEDs to illuminate a large outdoor space, can be activated by motion or manually, and has 2K HDR video and two-way audio. The rechargeable battery allows the floodlight to be wireless, and an ambient light sensor allows for customization with the floodlight’s brightness and experience for the homeowner. Available in Spring 2020; $249.99.

Samsung The Sero TV

Courtesy of Samsung

The future of home entertainment is this rotating TV. Designed with vertical video in mind, Samsung’s The Sero has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations, like a smartphone or tablet, to go from watching your favorite Netflix show to streaming your favorite social videos. Geared for millennial and Gen Z consumers, The Sero has a modern design with top-level displays and the ability to use it for any kind of content viewers might want to watch. Pricing to be announced. 

Level Invisible Smart Lock

Courtesy of Level Home

There are plenty of smart locks on the market, but the coolest one is completely invisible. That is, it hides inside of your existing deadbolt, rather than replacing it. This way it’s completely out of sight and allows you to use the lock as normal if you prefer, while still allowing for smart home controls to check that the door is locked or to remotely unlock the door for yourself or others. Level claims to have only a 10-minute installation process and works with Apple Homekit exclusively.

Level Invisible Smart Lock, from $199

Netatmo Smart Door Lock + Keys

Courtesy of Netatmo

Another fun twist on the smart lock: an NFC smart lock. If the term “NFC” sounds familiar, it’s because smartphones use the same technology to allow you to tap and pay for something at the register. But Netatmo’s lock isn’t a tap-and-go situation: it uses physical keys, making it more similar to a regular lock, and uses NFC technology to program them. That way, when you lose a key, instead of changing a lock, you can just choose to unlink that key so it won’t work anymore—no new lock or new codes required. You can also control the lock through the Netatmo app, and it works exclusively with Apple Homekit. Pricing to be announced.

Cuzen Matcha

Courtesy of Cuzen Matcha

The green tea powder matcha has been a major part of West Coast cuisine as well as the widespread wellness scene for years, and now it finally has a tech gadget to matcha (sorry, we can’t resist a good pun). Cuzen Matcha, made by World Matcha Inc., is a high-end ceramic matcha maker that takes green leaves and freshly grinds them into the pure matcha powder and combines it with hot water for instant, super-fresh matcha. It’s a lower-waste twist on the Keurig machines of the world, although you’ll need to buy packets of the green tea leaves themselves (luckily, one pack has multiple cups of matcha in it.)

Cuzen Matcha maker, from $290
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