From stocking stuffers to full-sized self-care gifts, we’ve got all the products to help everyone on your list relax.

mellow daily cbd salted caramels
Mellow Daily

When it comes to choosing smaller gifts that will grace the bottom of your tree or mantel this year, remind your loved ones to take a moment for themselves with these self-care gifts that also make for perfect stocking stuffers. The holidays tend to be a whirlwind for everyone; the season goes from Halloween to Thanksgiving then we’re all in a winter wonderland until the New Year. Gifts that prioritize personal wellness are exactly the kind of pick-me-ups people need around this time.

What is more exciting than a stocking filled with a trio of room sprays that will help ease the mind and create a sense of calm in any space? Or you can opt for a set of Brooklinen candles that is themed to the time of day, made by the internet’s favorite bedding company. The set comes with four candles, titled Wake, Magic Hour, Dusk, and Nightcap.

For the CBD lovers in your life, swap traditional candies with sea salt-topped caramels that are made with 15 mg. of CBD each. Self-care has been trending more in the past couple of years due to everyone needing a serious chill pill and moment for themselves. From weighted eye-masks and DIY incense kits to journals that make you take five minutes for yourself a day, each gift will make the perfect adornment to a Christmas stocking for friends and family.

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Brooklinen Candle Set

brooklinen candle set


For the friend who always has at least two or three (or a dozen) candles lit, this set will give them even more of a reason to have a candle lit at all hours as each one is dedicated to every part of the day.

Brooklinen Candle Set, $59

Avocado Seed Vase

ilex studio avocado acorn vase

Ilex Studios

For the fan of avocado toast, this unique vase is made to help pits sprout into baby trees. While it may take quite some time for it to bear fruit (five to 13 years to be exact), it will add a nice touch of greenery to their home.

Avocado Vase, $48

Wilde House Paper Co. Self Care Kit

wilde house paper company self care bundle

Wilde House Paper Co.

This journal and planner combo helps to remove leftover thoughts and tasks at the start or end of the day. With a section to fill out in the morning and another at night, the Rituals & Wellness journal offers more than just a moment of solace but also a place to catch your breath and re-center yourself; plus the set will look so classy sticking out of a Christmas stocking.

Self Care Set, $51

Zolt Collegen Boost Superdrink Mix

zolt collagen superdrink mix


Ditch the traditional and artificial candies that usually fill a stocking and replace them with something that will help boost sleep and the immune system. This variety pack comes with a few packs of Zolt’s naturally caffeinated drink mix made with green tea as well as a nighttime version using caffeine-free black tea and indica terpenes to offer a mellow sleep aid without any psychoactive effects.

Collagen Boost Variety Pack, $25

POJ Incense Making Kit

poj diy incense making kit


While many of us have a pack or two of incense in the house that we light on occasion, there are others who live by their sage, palo santo, and incense cones. This kit will trigger a new incense-making obsession in friends who love the subtle smell of fresh citrus. It provides everything they need to make yuzu incense cones at home.

DIY Incense Kit, $52

Aromatherapy Handshower with Capsules

aromatherapy shower head with pods

Now, this takes self-care to a whole new level, one that can be enjoyed daily in the shower as easily as a K-Cup is inserted into a coffee maker. Moen has created a shower head that has a spot for insertable capsules that add essential oils and spa-inspired fragrances to your shower. While it might not fit in a stocking, it will be a great surprise to see on the mantle or at the base of a fireplace.

Moen Aromatherapy Shower Head, $99

Clevr Calm + Comfort Golden Superlatte

clevr golden latte


This turmeric golden milk latte is the perfect pick-me-up for morning, afternoon, or evening, and makes a great gift for those in your life who aren’t fans of caffeine. With a blend of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, coconut cream, oat milk, and more, all that needs to be added is warm water. In minutes, they’ll be treated to a creamy and delicious beverage.

Clevr Golden Superlatte, $28

Prismatic Plants Day + Night Starter Kit

prismatic day and night duo


The combination of hemp and adaptogens in Prismatic Plants’ day and night tinctures is said to help relieve stress, promote deep sleep, and decrease inflammation. The day tincture has white ginseng, holy basil, CBD, and other ingredients to help enhance calm and relaxation, while the night tincture combines sleep-inducing valerian and California poppy.

Prismatic Plants Mini Set, $35

Leilo Calm in a Can Kava Drink

leilo sunset variety canned kava


Ever been dragged to a kava bar with a friend and witnessed the joyous and calming (and occasionally mouth-numbing) sensation of sipping on this root drink? If so, stuff their stocking with a few cans of these kava drinks. Leilo is the first canned kava drink on the market and is a non-alcoholic relaxant.

Leilo 12 Pack, $50

Calm X Gravity Weighted Eye Mask

gravity and calm weighted sleeping eye mask


Those who like to really relax at night likely already have a weighted blanket. Chances are, however, they do not have a weighted eye mask! This one from Gravity Blanket and Calm is made to enhance deep sleep and help its wearer fall asleep faster.

Weighted Sleep Mask, $40

Mello CBD Salted Caramels

mello cbd salted caramels

Mello Daily

These caramels are exactly what most people with a sweet tooth crave before bed. With an added boost of 15 mg. of active CBD, sleep may come even easier. A box of these Mello Daily salted caramels makes for a perfect adult stocking stuffer for the insomniac in your life.

Mello Salted Caramels, $50

Alpyn Beauty Mountain Magic Discover Kit

alpyn beauty magic discovery kit

Alpyn Beauty

Alpyn Beauty is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and uses fresh ingredients found in the mountains surrounding the ski city. The clean-beauty fans in your life will love this set as well as the fact that 25% of profits go to the restoration efforts of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation.

Mountain Magic Kit, $52

Aesop States of Being Aromatique Room Spray Trio

aesop room spray trio


Aesop is the go-to for those looking for clean, fresh, and standout scents. From perfumes to body and hand washes, Aesop has a scent to match every nose and style. This trio of room sprays is a great gift for meditation, to help center the room on calming and clean scents.

Aromatique Room Spray Trio, $110

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