Give the gift they’re really craving: coffee and coffee accessories!

lady falcon coffee club favorites pack

While gift-giving can be difficult, coffee lovers might be some of the easiest to satisfy. All they want is a good kick of caffeine (and maybe some creamer on the side). With that in mind, there are tons of directions you can go when it comes to gifts, from pour-over setups and bean samplers to machines that will keep the coffee flowing with little human interaction. In order to make sure you get the coffee lover in your life the perfect goodies, figure out first how they take their coffee. 

If they like a black brew, a Dripkit from Verve is sure to satisfy their morning cravings. If they like brewing their own batches but are more of a “with cream and sugar” kind of drinker, Copper Cow makes for the perfect companion with single-use pour-over packs paired with creamers that range in flavors from classic sweetened condensed milk to lavender and salted caramel. 

For the espresso lovers or French press connoisseurs, it’s best to let them stick with the machines they know and love. Instead of gifting new equipment, set them up with some flavorful beans from Western roasters like Lady Falcon or Blue Bottle. 

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We’ve even thrown in some gift ideas for the more holistic caffeine-lover in your life with immune-boosting drinking chocolate from DEME and starter kits from Bulletproof to let them know you appreciate their health-conscious ways. With the holidays right around the corner and a long list of folks who deserve thoughtful gifts, you can rest easy knowing that whoever receives one of these items will be waking up one step closer to being highly caffeinated due to your on-point present. 

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Original Lady Falcon Coffee Club Classics

lady falcon coffee club favorites pack

Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Lady Falcon Coffee Club is fresh out of San Francisco and offers a handful of roasts that are all sustainably sourced and farmed—plus totally delicious. This bundle of their top three roasts, Atta Girl, Epic, and Stoked, will be sure to inspire the coffee lover in your life up and out of bed in the morning. If you know what kind of machine your loved one uses to make their coffee, you can specify how you would like the beans ground at checkout so they arrive ready to use; or if they prefer to grind their beans themself they also sell the beans whole.

Lady Falcon Coffee Classics, $59

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug

ember temperature controlled mug


Techy or not, the benefits of a self-heating mug are appealing to coffee drinkers and anyone who likes piping hot cocoa around the holidays or tea before bed. Designed by Clay Alexander, who helped design General Electric’s LED light system, the 10-oz. mug keeps drinks at a temperature set by the consumer for an hour and a half.

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug, $100

Deme Medicinal Mushrooms and Cocoa

deme mushroom drinking chocolate


Looking to satisfy your more health-conscious friend this holiday season? This drinking chocolate is like a perfect mocha packed with all of the benefits of many mushrooms like reishi, lion’s mane, maitake, and turkey tail. It also has energizing Tanzanian cocoa and cayenne to bring forth a spicy-sweet flavor. Share a box of 12 with a traditional mug and tea whisk to set up the recipient of your gift for a mellow boost.

12 Pack of Deme Single Serve Pouches, $34

Verve Halo Beriti Craft Instant Coffee

verve instant coffee packs


Verve has long been making delicious coffee at coffee shops across the West and recently launched a series of instant coffees that can be made hot or cold. Just shake it with oat milk for an oat latte to go or pour it over ice with a little water for a shot. A pack of these makes for a great gift for your friend who’s either always with a cup of coffee in hand or always wishing there was one.

10 Pack of Single Serve Dripkits, $36

Steeped Coffee Home Basics Kit

steeped coffee starter pack

Steeped Coffee

Got someone on your list who is suffering through a caffeine headache first thing in the morning and stumbling to the kitchen to start their first cup of the day? Been there—and these steepable coffee bags from Steeped are as easy to make as tea and can practically be done with your eyes closed. Don’t worry about being patient and precise with the pour-over method, just stick a bag into a mug of hot water like you would with tea, and a few moments later you’ll be sipping on smooth coffee.

Steeped Kit, $45

Kuju Coffee Starter Pack

kuju coffee coffee day

Kuju Coffee

For the coffee drinker who’s a bit more of the outdoorsy type, Kuju Coffee is a perfect match. This starter kit comes with a camp-inspired mug and single-use pour-over pouches that are small enough to fit in a jacket or backpack pocket (making for less space to be taken up than a whole coffee setup).

Kuju Starter Kit, $20

Cool Coffee Clique Coffee Maker

cool coffee clique coffee maker

Cool Cof

I can’t be the only one whose favorite color is pink! Pick this up for someone who loves being able to make coffee at the push of a button (this machine only has three buttons that change the size of your brew) or who has a bit of a K-Cup obsession and could use a new machine. Coffee Clique pods are strong and flavorful while also making a cute addition to a home office.

Coffee Clique Club Coffee Maker, $130

Blue Bottle Hario Cold Brew Bottle

bluebottle coffee cold brew maker

Blue Bottle Coffee

A true gift to the cold brew lovers and iced coffee makers, this cold brew bottle makes iced concoctions overnight with little interaction. If your loved one is always fiddling with filter bags, tons of grounds, and going through all the ice, this bottle takes the grunt work out of making cold brew from scratch at home.

Cold Brew Bottle, $35

Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit

bulletproof coffee starter kit


Another one for the health-conscious folks out there: Bulletproof coffee became all the rage a few years ago and we are happy to say the fad never faded. The health-conscious brand swears by the power of adding MCT oil and grass-fed butter to black coffee for an added boost and now sells all the things you need to whip it up at home in a single kit.

Bulletproof Starter Kit, $25

Dansk Koffie Pour Over Coffee Maker

dansk koffie pour over maker


If you’ve personally witnessed your friend place a slightly chipped, wobbly pour-over setup over a mug in the morning, ease your mind by gifting them this sleek coffee maker. The spouted glass vessel beneath the coffee maker is a perfect fit and holds up to 16 oz. of coffee so they won’t need to replace the filter and switch from mug to mug to fuel a few extra friends.

Dansk Koffie Pour Over Coffee Maker, $65

Copper Cow Coffee Seasonal Sips Latte Bundle

copper cow coffee variety bundle

Copper Cow Coffee

Finally, a foolproof way to make a perfect Vietnamese coffee at home. The team at Copper Cow Coffee has nailed the strong black coffee blend needed to stand up to sweetened condensed milk. With a variety of flavors to choose from in this bundle, all inspired by fall, your pumpkin spice-obsessed friend or family member will be over the moon to receive a version they can make in their own kitchen.

Copper Cow Coffee Seasonal Bundle, $18

Haden Dorchester Stone Blue Ultra Drip Coffee Maker

Haden Dorchester Stone Blue Ultra Drip Coffee Maker

Crate & Barrel

Maybe there’s someone in your life who you hate to see still using a Mr. Coffee maker or is obsessed with having cute appliances on their counter—whichever it is, this coffee maker is sure to please and make for a proper replacement for their current maker. It comes in three shades—stone blue, a soft green, and pebble gray—to fit any aesthetic.

Ultra Drip Coffee Maker, $119

Trade Coffee Cold Brew Bags

These cold brew bags will make a great accessory to any coffee drawer and a great gift when paired with a bag of beans. Just add ground coffee to the plastic-free bag and drop it into a pitcher of water overnight like iced tea. Next thing you know, you have a strong and delicious batch of cold brew.

Trade Cold Brew Bags, $10

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