This fall wreath tutorial is easier than it looks, and the results are so good you may want to keep yours up all winter.

A DIY Fall Wreath Nobody Will Believe You Made Yourself
Deanna Kizis

When I asked a Los Angeles floral designer who works for top-secret mega celebs to do a tutorial for Sunset on how to make a celebrity-worthy wreath at home, I knew she’d say yes. After all, Makenzie Kizis is my little sister.

Turns out it’s great to have a florist and flower lover in the family, but what she taught me while making this fall wreath is that just because you don’t have a Hollywood budget doesn’t mean you can’t DIY your way to a Hollywood-worthy front door.

Before we start, a funny story: When Makenzie asked me what size wreath I wanted to make, I said medium. So when she walked in my front door with a 24-inch grapevine base I thought, Wait, this thing is massive!

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Then I realized super famous people have super-sized front doors so, of course, 24 inches is considered “medium” in her world. It turns out, however, that the size she chose turned my front door into a real show-stopper, which she knew it would.

In other words, before you decide what size wreath you want to make, ask yourself if you want to go big. After all, it’s not the size of the wreath, it’s the ambition of the wreath maker, right?

Meanwhile, I promise the fall wreath pictured, which my sister made in less than an hour, is easier than it looks. Even better, it’s so gorgeous I’m planning to keep mine up through the holidays.

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