This week we asked YOU what midday slump snacks get you through—and you delivered.

Instagram/ @drinkolipop

We’re doing Best of the West a little differently this week: We asked you to share your midday slump snack go-to’s. From indulgent to energy-boosting, here’s what you said:

Janet Hobbs Conway: Justin’s Maple Almond Butter spread on apple slices. CLASSIC.

Hugh Garvey: I’ve been known to eat uncommonly large portions of pistachios in the afternoon, clicking through the shells and eating the savory, umami-packed nuts until our dedicated pistachio jar is half empty (Yes, I have pistachio jar). There’s something about the combination of the meditative rhythm and salty-sweet balance of flavor that’s incredibly satisfying and grounding. Imagine how happy I was to discover pistachios sit solidly in that bullseye of superfood, packed not only with healthy fats, fiber, complete protein, but also melatonin, which is maybe why I find them so calming and why they’re my new favorite quarantine snack. If you’re curious, you can read more about the health benefits here

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Angela Rosenquist: 1. Bone Broth 2. Last night’s leftover with crunch on top 3. Saffron Road Chickpeas (dried) 4. Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese 5. Somersault sunflower crunchies

Nena Farrell: Matcha lattes for me! I have two super easy recipes: For a toasty pick-me-up, I mix about two teaspoons of Golde’s Pure Matcha (my current favorite) and some of my favorite almond milk—New Barn’s sweetened barista milk has amazing foam and flavor—in my milk frother for an easy instant latte. On a hot day, I’ll make an iced matcha latte—first mix the two teaspoons of matcha with about a tablespoon of hot water (add a little bit at a time while mixing) and mix thoroughly in a flat bowl or cup by making the letters M and Z over and over with a bamboo matcha whisk. Then, once the matcha is well blended, pour over ice with your favorite milk.

Instagram/ @golde

Instagram/ @golde

Terilee Henderson: Good bottle of Chardonnay. Ashlee Sack replied: On my wavelength. Cheers, Terilee!

Monica Chiaratti: Black bean zucchini brownies muffins—they’re so good and healthy too.

Kathleen Pratt: I have been enjoying Olipop in the afternoons lately; it’s a “soda” with fiber and probiotics designed to benefit your microbiome and gut health.

Instagram/ @drinkolipop

Instagram/ @drinkolipop

Christine Bobbish: Berkeley can be brisk, especially if the marine layer hangs on for dear life.  Add the bloom explosion to the chill and my voice wants to give out in those Zoom meet-ups. So I lean on my Traditional Medicinals hot teas. Organic Tulsi with Ginger, Nettle Leaf, and Lemon Balm are in my afternoon rotation.  For a sweet uplift I chase my tea with another throat soother: a teaspoon of Jacobsen Co’s Raw Buckwheat Honey.

Shawna Stewart Greenway: Sourdough starter scallion pancakes. (We’re going to need this recipe, Shawna).

Matt Gross: During kumquat season, I pretty much always have a bag on me to snack as I go or—if I get ambitious—to slice very thinly and layer on ricotta-slathered crusty toast, with flaky salt and olive oil.

Staci Reineke Martinez: Pretzel crackers dipped in nutella.

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