This week we asked YOU what favorite brands are making stylish face masks—and you delivered.

Christy Dawn
Courtesy of Christy Dawn

We’re doing Best of the West a little differently this week: We wrote about six brands making face masks that look good and give back, and asked you to share your favorite brands making masks, too. Here’s what you said:

tracyseng: @ripleyrader‘s buy one, donate two mask mission!

Instagram/ @ripleyrader

pryorevents: I placed an order from @bodymakehawaii and had an amazing experience. They are super responsive and mail the masks right away.

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pamdstarr: @loveyourmelon supports childhood cancer research and have added masks to their production. For every mask bought, one is given to the medical community.

ingram.em: @siriusrepublic is making masks. You could get a mask to match your dog’s collar!

traveler_surf_club: We are making masks as well and have donated over 5,000! Find us at @traveler_surf_club.

Instagram/ @traveler_surf_club.

dfspetals: Check out these fab knit masks from @bilio @biliogroup #biliomask. All designed and made in the Bay Area.

trired: @speakeasytravel transitioned from making travel scarves to masks! ❤️ With all of our amazing customers purchasing our buy one/give one mask we have also been able to donate to several hospitals, nursing homes, labs, veterans groups, and soon we have about 200 headed to a community in the Navajo Nation. It feels so good to make something that helps others. @besillyproject ships them quickly and donates two for every one purchased.

backcountrykate: @allettwallets has the comfiest masks with a short piece of wire sewn in to fit snug on top of your nose… which helps me not fog up my PPE glasses!! 🤓And they include masks for donation in every purchase which has led to thousands of donated masks to essential workers. Simply the best!! Their wallets are bitchin too!!!

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