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Amber Fort Hemp Duvet

Courtesy of Amber Fort

When it comes to bedding, duvet covers truly are the icing on the cake. This handmade durable hemp duvet cover is breathable and airy, naturally hypoallergenic, and mildew-resistant. It’s also Fair Trade-certified and sustainably sourced from start to finish. 

Hemp Duvet from Amber Fort, $335

Transcendental Meditation Course 

The couple that TMs together, stays together.           

Transcendental Meditation Course from Maharishi Foundation USA, from $380

Margins Moon Calendar

Courtesy of Margins

Perfect for the couple who check their horoscopes daily, this lunar calendar’s gold-on-black spiral design shows each phase of the moon. It’s also printed on recycled paper in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council, so you can feel really good about this gift. 

Moon Calendar from Margins, $24

Caldera House, Jackson Hole

Courtesy of Caldera House

A ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming is pretty much at the top of every Sunset staffers’ wishlist—and a stay at Caldera House is right there next to it on the list. The intimate hotel is nestled beneath the mountains in Teton Village, just steps away from the tram and a short drive to Grand Teton National Park.

Caldera House

Orbicular Geode Puzzle

Courtesy of Nervous System

Entertainment that doubles as art sounds like a win-win. This handmade geode jigsaw puzzle resembles a piece of agate that’s captivating and straight-up challenging thanks to the maze-like cut pattern. 


Orbicular Geode Puzzle from Nervous System, $95

Canyon Coffee Chemex Starter Kit

Courtesy of Canyon Coffee

Give the gift of a morning ritual. We’re big fans of L.A.-based Canyon Coffee. Everything about their brand is incredible, from their sustainable and eco-friendly practices to the sweet duo behind the brand. This starter kit—complete with a Chemex and filters—is kind of a no-brainer. 

Coffee Chemex Starter Kit from Canyon Coffee, $72

Jacob Bromwell Original Popcorn Popper

Courtesy of Independent Goods

This is 100x better than those popcorn tins your Aunt Linda used to re-gift. Whether used over a campfire or living room fireplace, it’s an unforgettable way to spend the holiday season.  

Jacob Bromwell Popcorn Popper from Independent Goods, $200

Caviar Club 

Courtesy of Passmore Ranch

We wouldn’t say no to a monthly Caviar Club membership—especially when it comes from Passmore Ranch, a premium freshwater, sustainable fish ranch in California. There are three subscriptions to choose from ranging from $250 to $1500, and they each include tasting notes for the month’s selections. 

Caviar Club Membership from Passmore Ranch, from $250

Herrera Marble Workshop Puebla Marble Coasters 

Courtesy of The Citizenry

Coasters have become a gifting go-to—but these luxe gray marble ones set a new standard. Handcrafted by master artisans in Puebla, Mexico, these coasters are Fair Trade and 100% unique—plus, they fit in with any decor. 


Puebla Marble Coasters from The Citizenry, $65

Jacobsen Salt Co. 6-Vial Infused Salt Set

Courtesy of Jacobsen Salt

The perfect way to elevate any dish. This intro set includes the original Pure Flake Salt, as well as five infused variations for the more experimental cook: rosemary, habanero, pinot noir, black pepper, and black garlic.

Infused Salt Set from Jacobsen Salt Co., $33