Five foolproof ways to keep your plants alive while you try to survive the holidays.

Easyplant Pots on a Console
Courtesy of easyplant

I don’t know about you, but when I go out of town to spend time with my family for the holidays, I experience a lot of stress. Will my mom call my dad a “you-know-what-hole?” (It’s happened.) Will my dad knock over a plate, a glass, a flower display? (He’s clumsy.) Will my little nephews leave Legos all over the floor for me to step on barefoot? (Pure agony.) And perhaps my biggest concern: Will my sister run out of wine?  

Considering all that, the last thing I want to stress out about is my houseplants. They’re supposed to lift my mood, after all. The good news? I’ve figured out how to keep them alive, even when I’m dying inside. Scroll on to find out how to keep plant mortality at bay during your travels. Because let’s face it, when it comes to spending the holidays with your family, you already have enough your plate.

Grab a Plant Water Globe 

Mushroom Water Globes

Courtesy of Amazon

Best for: Small plants and short trips 

Hop on the mushroom trend and keep your plants hydrated at the same time with these shroomy water globes. They need to be refilled every four to seven days depending on your plant, pot size, and ideal amount of watering.  

Mushroom Water Globes, $26.99

Hire a Plant Sitter 

Best for: Plant collectors who are not kidding around 

Yes, at Plant Sitters in Seattle, an actual human will come to your home and take care of your plant babies for a week or more. Services include watering, misting, refilling humidifiers, and turning on and off grow lights.  

Use a Self-Watering Pot 

Easyplant Pot Cross Section
The easyplant system, seen in cross section.

Courtesy of easyplant

Best for: Those who want to keep it super simple 

I was sent a sample of easyplant, a ceramic pot with a plastic tank inside, and I have to say I was impressed. You only have to fill the water reservoir once a month, and these pots come in soothing colors. Best of all, the pots come with a live plant, too.  

easyplant Self-Watering Pot, from $49

DIY Your Own Water Globe 

Blumat Bottle Adapter

Courtesy of Amazon

Best for: Environmenalists who get it 

I love how these ceramic bottle-adapters will turn any plastic bottle into a handy plant waterer. With a minimum of attention, you’ll never over- or under-water your plant ever again.

Bottle Adapter, $16.98/Pair

Try a Watering System 

Plant Watering Stakes

Courtesy of Amazon

Best for: If you want to water multiple plants at the same time 

This watering system looks complicated at first, but it’s easy to set up and great if you have two or more plants. Water can be drawn from any type of container—the longer the trip, the bigger the reservoir you’ll need. Amazing! 

Plant Watering Stakes, $18.50/3-Pack


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