Plus, how to care for them.

Thomas J. Story

Houseplants have really taken center stage in recent years. Sure, they’re not exactly new—people have cared for and loved houseplants for decades, but it seems that much of the general public went all in on them as a home decor trend in the last five to 10 years. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that our obsession with houseplants grew even more in quarantine. Many of us stayed home, baked bread, watched Netflix, and adopted some plants. 

When it comes to choosing a houseplant for your own space, you have a few things to consider. Firstly, how much care does that particular plant need? And how much effort are you willing to put into said plant care? Then you should think about the lighting in your home and the general environment. And you’ll probably want to think about how the plant will fit in, aesthetic-wise, in your space.

For some ideas on plants to consider, you can use these latest research findings from Hollywood Hills real estate experts RubyHome. They looked at the most common houseplants and succulents on Instagram by analyzing the number of hashtags for both the scientific and commonly-used names of plants. After looking at the results, let’s just say social media really loves plants—some plants were featured in millions of posts.

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Take a look at the trending plants below. Plus, Sunset’s social media editor and certified horticulturist, Kristin Guy, shared some care tips for each.

Top 10 Trending Houseplants on Instagram

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