If you need to buy a gift for a person who considers themselves the next Hilton Carter, we’ve got everything your favorite plant parent’s green little heart desires, from baubles to make their own mini holiday tree, to a seriously chic leather hanging holder at a price you have to see to believe.

Plant Lover Gift Guide
Jess Isaac

In ye olden times—as in, like, two years ago—when one tried to think of a holiday gift, the usual things came to mind: a warm thing (like a sweater or scarf), a sparkly thing (earrings or a watch), an extravagant thing (a trip to Paris or the Maldives), or an appliance thing (an Instant Pot or air fryer). Nowadays, however, the best gifts are green things, as in plants—or plant-related.

After all, even the Grinch has always been gaga for greenery. He’s green, of course, and he stole the tree, so there you have it. My dad is going to love the pet-safe trio of plants he’s getting this year. (He has a ferret; don’t ask. Or @ me on Twitter and I’ll tell you the whole story.) My sister will love the chic propagation station she’s getting, and let’s face it, I’m going to love the succulent-embroidered PJs I’m getting myself.  

While perusing this list, you also might want to consider that plants and plant-related presents are pretty much regifting-proof. They just have too many things going for them. Plants can calm our mood, and reduce our heart rate and blood pressure. Feng Shui masters tell us to use plants to bring wealth by adding a potted friend in the right spot on our desk. (You bet your buns I have a plant in my wealth corner. Is it working yet?!) Interior designers use plants to beautify our homes, and now plants can even help us make new friends.

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So what are you waiting for? Grow yourself some extra gratitude this season with one or more of these fantastic houseplant-related gifts.

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