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Lantana ‘Cosmic Firestorm’ with bright red flowers

Sunset Plant Collection

As summer continues apace, plants can wither and demand more water, so try this list of drought-tolerant plants from the Sunset Plant Collection.

While there’s no official designation for what makes a low-water plant, the team partnered with the University of California, Davis, to complete a two-year irrigation study. All the plants listed here survived their trials with flying colors.

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Supersemps ‘Hens and Chicks’

Sunset Plant Collection

Sempervivum are typically 4 to 5 inches, but these will get to be dinner-plate size. They hold their color well and are very low-water. Perfect for succulent and container gardens.

Lagerstroemia ‘Delta Fuchsia’

Sunset Plant Collection

These crepe myrtles attract pollinators, are purple-leaved, and hold their color in full sun. Classified as a small tree or large shrub, use Lagerstroemia as a focal point in a garden.

Dianella ‘Coolvista’

Sunset Plant Collection

From Australia and climate-adapted for the Western United States, Dianella blooms with a blue flower and is popular with native bumblebees. Works well in a border and looks like a grass, but doesn’t go dormant, so expect a blue-gray spikey look all year round.

Lantana ‘Cosmic Firestorm’

Sunset Plant Collection

Beloved by butterflies, this Lantana has a variegated leaf with a red, orange, and yellow flower. Growing in the 2- to 3-foot range, Lantana is good to use as a ground cover.

Tecoma ‘Bells of Fire’

Sunset Plant Collection

Native to the Sonoran Desert and beloved by hummingbirds, Tecoma is compact and blooms in the hottest temperatures all summer long. Since it grows to 5- or 6-feet tall, use it in the back of a border or as a shorter screening plant.

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