The big talent behind the blog My Tiny Laguna Kitchen shows us how to make luxurious bath salts with things you might even have around the house.

Bath Salts in Gift Tubes
Courtesy of Stephanie Pavelko

Stephanie Pavelko, the content creator behind the My Tiny Laguna Kitchen website, got her start thanks to her grandmother. “I grew up visiting my grandma all the time, and she introduced me to gardening, baking, cooking—all those grandma things,” she says from her home in Laguna Beach. Now, those memories inspire a bevy of recipes and DIYs, including these botanical herbal bath salts, which make a great and inexpensive gift for someone else—or for yourself.  

“The benefits of soaking in Epsom salts, flowers, and essential oils are endless,” Pavelko says. “Not only do they nourish your body from head to toe, but they are used to help ease muscle pain and tension, soothe cramps, and lower inflammation.” Meanwhile, she adds, “I love that you use can use these bath salts to gift someone a moment to themselves. Life happens, so we all need that.” 

Raw Ingredients for Bath Salts
You may already have the main ingredients—flowers and dried herbs—around the house.

Courtesy of Stephanie Pavelko

Her recipe is also easy and adaptable. “Most people have some Epsom salt and maybe some dried herbs lying around,” she says. “Or, if you’re a gardener like me you can just grab some lavender or calendula and make [the recipe].” The idea is that one can use the recipe below as a jumping off point and, should the desire strike, to get creative.   

As for the benefits of doing the exact recipe below, Pavelko used dried roses, which, she says, are “good for healing the heart, finding the joy in every day, and resetting the stored energy you may have received.” 

Lavender, meanwhile, can calm anxiety. Calendula is good for dry skin and eczema. Basil, she says, “is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps the body get rid of stress.”  

In other words, there’s some serious herbal alchemy involved here, and who doesn’t need that? “With all of the stress relievers in these herbal bath salts,” says Pavelko, “this recipe will add a little more magic to your bath time routine.” 

See the recipe here or click below.

Salt with Herbs and Tubes

Make Your Own Bath Salts

This recipe is adapted from the blog. While the flowers and herbs suggested here are a powerful mix designed to help you relax and reset, you can use any blend you desire. 

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