Compact, cute, and Instagram-friendly, small-scale wood stoves—some only a foot wide—bring hygge warmth to your favorite winter hideouts.

Courtesy of Airbnb
Small-scale wood stoves, like this one that heats an Airbnb treehouse in rural Washington, can pack a toasty punch.

Puppies, babies, dollhouses, micro sandwiches—there are scientific reasons why we’re drawn to miniature objects and creatures. They remind us of childhood toys and play spaces, for one, and can trigger nurturing instincts. Whatever the reason behind our fascination, we can’t take our eyes off these tiny wood-burning stoves.

Despite their stature, small stoves create a toasty warmth and can burn for hours, adding a homey touch to a rustic cabin or modern treehouse. And they can make temporary living spaces—like canvas tents and yurts—feel more permanent.

Mini-stoves have become a staple of tiny house living, whether that home is stationary or on wheels. Well-made models that meet United States Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards are safer and more efficient than propane heaters, which is often the only other heat source option for off-grid living. Mini stoves have become the preferred heating method for “skoolies,” school buses transformed into homes, and in van life culture.

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Tiny Wood Stove, a Hayden, Idaho-based company owned and operated entirely by people who have embraced that portable, nomadic lifestyle, understands the obsession. Its entire team resides on small, off-grid homesteads or in mobile spaces. And they’ve built a business around the romantic, independent idea of life on the road.

“When our founder, Nick Petersen, began to hire folks to help out, he wanted to be sure that we could offer the best support to our customers based on our real experiences living small with wood stoves and our connection to the tiny living community,” says Elizabeth Paashaus, who works in customer service for the brand, and lives in a skoolie with her husband and two children. “We understand the DIY nature of tiny living. About half of our team works remotely so we are able to tap into the entire U.S. tiny living community. We currently have two tiny house dwellers, one skoolie family, two van dwellers, one RV couple, and one Airstream family on our team.”

Fans are signaling their tiny stove approval by posting photos of their models in idyllic settings, blazing with a fire inside. Whether they’re heating up a kettle on a chilly morning, or spending winter days in the snowy woods snuggling up with their dogs, the cute factor is off the charts.

Here are some of our favorite wood stoves, and (semi) practical ways to use them.

Put the Kettle On

Cornwall, England–based Anevay makes portable wood stoves for tents and yurts, and more permanent versions to install in cabins and small houses. The flat top creates surface for a skillet or tea pot to absorb heat.

Small Minded

Instead of wasting fuel heating an entire house, install a small wood-burning stove in your most used spaces (like the kitchen) to take the chill out of winter mornings.

Snow Patrol

Who says camping isn’t a year-round pursuit? This snow-bound trailer is giving us winter wonderland feels, thanks to the glow from the tiny stove, and the happy pup inside.

Skool’s In Session

School bus dwellers are a committed bunch of nomads who seem to have a never-ending supply of great ideas. The owners of A Bus Called Rio turned a vintage olive oil crate into a wood storage bin, and used inexpensive corrugated metal to both protect the walls from excess heat and reflect it into their small living space.

Three Small Stoves to Beat the Winter Chill

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