The designers have spoken. These are “out.”

Gray Kitchen
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Trends come and go, and there are always some that we aren’t exactly sad to say goodbye to. These can be the design styles that are deemed downright ugly or silly, the ones that are overplayed, and others that aren’t practicable or easy to pull off. To see what’s “out” in 2024, I polled designers in the West for their unfiltered, honest opinions. And let me say, they didn’t disappoint.

From modern farmhouse to a gray palette, below are the outdated design trends we should bid adieu in 2024. And if you want to know what they think will be “in” this year, they gave us their trend predictions here. 

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

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We might have reached modern farmhouse fatigue. “In the last couple of years, we saw many modern farmhouse-designed homes crop up. This look of black trim with white paint will be officially out next year. We’re seeing people now leaning into the architecture of their homes more, rather than try to change it to fit a modern/rustic design,” says Ariel Richardson, founder and lead designer of ASR Design.

Heavily Veined Marble and Zellige Tile

“I think heavily veined marbles won’t be completely out but I think the enthusiasm for them will wane,” predicts Corine Maggio of CM Natural Designs. “And as much as I love the trend, I wouldn’t be surprised if zellige tiles started to turn a corner. They’ve been hot for a while and I still love working with them but it’s hard to imagine they haven’t reached a tipping point. As with anything though, context is everything and many things can be made timeless when thoughtfully executed.”

White Kitchen

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Vanilla Design

“We’re bidding adieu to the era of big, bland, white spaces. We at Lucas Browning are focusing on individualized spaces with big personalities, paying attention to each room with character and interest. Vibrant stripes and checkerboard details will be at the forefront, infused with bold colors that pack a punch!” says Katie Browning and Heather Lucas of Lucas Browning Design.

Adding to that, Lauren Meichtry of Elsie Home hopes we say goodbye to white cabinets. “We’re loving a lacquered cabinet moment in soft gray, green, blue—sky’s the limit, really,” she says. “Work in our other favorite persisting trend of medium and dark woods and your kitchen will be transformed. A bit of walnut and a splash of color mixed with a beautiful stone countertop and we’d all have to make room for more cooks in the kitchen.”

Accent Tile over the Stove

“You’ve seen them before, where it’s an ornate or totally different tile that has a border around it. This trend has been going out of style for a while, and 2024 will definitely see it get kicked to the curb. It looks dated and hasn’t changed to anything interesting, so bye-bye to this trend,” says Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs.

Minimalist Kitchen

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Too-Bare Minimalism

”The minimalist trend, characterized by clean lines and sparse decor, is gradually losing its appeal,” says Susan Wintersteen of Savvy Interiors. “In 2024, we anticipate a move towards more maximalist designs, incorporating bold patterns, vibrant colors, and curated collections.”

The shift away from minimalism continues. “For years the trend has been minimalist when it comes to moldings. Now it’s time to add the nostalgia of the decorative features back in,” says Tiffani Baumgart of Tiffani Baumgart Interiors. “During the pandemic everyone was adding on to their homes, fast and furious. What was lost in some cases were those incredibly important details that make a home truly feel bespoke. In 2024, we will see more wainscoting, decorative trim molds, baseboards and crown molding with details. Plain ceilings will be very out. Whether it’s coffered or wallpapered, or detailed in some other way, statement ceilings will be huge in 2024.”

Painted Shelves

“Yes, they can be beautiful, but they’re so prevalent that they’re starting to look basic,” says Andrea May of Andrea May Interiors. “From a functional perspective, painted shelves aren’t great: The paint can scrape when you move things around. In 2024, look for wood shelves and other casework around the home that has a warm stain. This keeps the organic beauty of wood while making it more resilient to everyday living.”

Gray Kitchen

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This might be controversial, but there’s data that backs it up—a Houzz bathroom trend study found that gray had seen a decline year over year. “People want more depth and color in their spaces and we’re seeing gray on its way out,” Richardson says.

Generic Furniture

“In 2024, generic and mass-produced furniture will have less impact on the design scene,” Wintersteen believes. “Clients are seeking personalized and statement pieces that showcase their individuality and taste. Custom-made furniture and artisanal craftsmanship will take center stage.”

Barn Door Dining Room

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Sliding Barn Doors

“They are impractical doors, especially for bathrooms and bedrooms which need privacy and the barn doors do the exact opposite, allowing in light and sounds,” explains Jessica Dorling of Dorling Design Studio. “Opting for conventional doors is a more sensible choice, and for those with space constraints, exploring traditional pocket doors is a viable alternative, offering improved functionality and enhanced privacy.

Perfectly-Preserved Mid-Century Kitchens

This opinion is a contrast to Pinterest’s prediction of “kitschens,” but Nureed Saeed of NU Interiors stands by it and doesn’t write off the era completely. “These are starting to look more time-capsule kitsch than architecturally chic. Looking forward to 2024, the emphasis will be on honoring the era’s clean lines and organic materials in newer, fresher ways. Think stained wood, cleaner, less fussy cabinet styles, and “perfectly imperfect” artisan backsplash tiles.