They’re practically never wrong.

Kitschens Pinterest Predicts 2024
Courtesy of Pinterest

There are a lot of “trend forecasters” out there, but the folks at Pinterest really know what they’re doing. The social site puts out a Pinterest Predicts report every year and they have an 80% accuracy rate—that’s because all of their predictions are based on a lot of data collection, analysis, and evaluation. The team uses search data to make these projections.

Last year, Pinterest said things like mushroom decor, elevated home spa bathrooms, drought-tolerant landscapes, new ways to showcase old decor and vintage finds, and baking with flowers would be big in 2023—and they weren’t wrong. We saw a lot of those themes throughout the year and many of these trends aren’t dying out yet (for example, the shroom boom is still very real).

So what do we have to look forward to in 2024, home-wise? Expect maximalist kitchens, plenty of metallics, coffee shop vibes at home, and a new design aesthetic that is the complete opposite of coastal grandmother, to name a few. Take a look at the design trends below (and some product inspo) and see Pinterest’s predictions for beauty, entertainment, fashion, food and drinks, and more here.


Kitschens Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

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Pinterest says Gen X and Boomers will “quirk up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances, and eye-jarring pops of paint.”

Popular search terms: Eclectic kitchen decor (+50%), kitschy kitchen (+75%), green kitchen paint (+55%), eccentric kitchen (+160%), and retro pink kitchens (+40%)

Infinity Instruments Wall Clock

Courtesy of Amazon

Infinity Instruments Square Silent Retro Wall Clock, $20

“Western Gothic”

Western Gothic Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

The total opposite of the coastal grandmother trend, “Western gothic” is the new decor aesthetic for 2024. It’s described as “vintage American chic with deep, moody hues.” Pinterest says Gen Z and Boomers will jump on the trend by DIYing with dark fringe and dark paint.

Popular search terms: Western bedding ideas (+310%), Vintage Americana (+145%), country room ideas (+125%), and Western gothic (+145%)

Everly Quinn Vegan Leather Swivel Chair

Courtesy of Wayfair

Everly Quinn Vegan Leather Swivel Chair, $790


Cafecore Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

It seems that people will be upgrading their morning cup of joe next year. Pinterest sees Boomers and Gen X creating at-home coffee stations as a way to bring the coffee shop aesthetic to their spaces.

Popular search terms: Coffee bar styling (+1,125%), chalk sign ideas (+100%), cafe chalkboard (+50%), coffee station decor (+145%), Kafe aesthetic (+820%)

Williams-Sonoma Coffee Storage Station
Williams-Sonoma Hold Everything Coffee Storage Station Pull Out Drawer, $300

“Hot Metals”

Hot Metals Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

The silver and chrome tones are trending and a certain singing superstar might have something to do with it. Pinterest predicts Gen Z and Millennials will trade in neutrals for these hues in 2024—and not just in home, but in fashion and beauty, too.

Popular search terms: Nail art metallic (+295%), aluminum furniture (+45%), silver necklaces layered (+50%), aluminum door design (+70%), and metal corset (+35%)

CB2 Bovisio Square Smoked Glass Coffee Table
CB2 Bovisio Square Smoked Glass Coffee Table, $1,499

“Tropic Like It’s Hot”

Tropic Like It's Hot Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

Expect the tropical theme to grow in popularity across food, home decor, and fashion in the new year. Boomers and Gen Z are the biggest enthusiasts of this trend.

Popular search terms: Pineapple mocktails (+70%), crushed pineapple upside down cake (+50%), coconut aesthetic (+35%), Hawaiian sheet pan chicken (+35%), tropical chic decor (+110%)

West Elm Palm Pendant

Courtesy of West Elm

West Elm Palm Pendant, $303

“Be Jelly”

Be Jelly Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

Looks like mushrooms are going to have some competition. Jellyfish—yes, those groovy-looking sea creatures—will be big in 2024. Pinterest says Gen Z and Millennials are driving this aesthetic.

Popular search terms: Jellyfish haircut (+615%), jellyfish hat (+220%), jellyfish umbrella (+195%), blue jellyfish (+155%), and jellyfish lamp (+95%)

Urban Outfitters Jellyfish Lamp

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Jellyfish LED Touch Lamp, $40

“Give a Scrap”

Give a Scrap Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

One person’s scraps are another person’s treasure in the new year. Boomers and Gen Z are leading the trend by using scraps to create crafts and projects, recipes, and clothing and bedding.

Popular search terms: Small scrap wood projects DIY (+1,220%), discard recipes (+165%), craft work with waste material (+140%), zero waste sewing patterns (+80%), scrap quilts patterns leftover fabric (+80%)

Quilting Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

Honey’s Heaven Store Rotary Cutter Set Quilting Kit, $24


Aquatecture Pinterest Predicts 2024

Courtesy of Pinterest

We’ll be seeing a lot of aquariums next year. Pinterest says that Gen X and Millennials are searching for “small aquarium designs” and over-the-top “turtle terrariums.”

Popular search terms: Small aquarium design (+245%), fish tank themes ideas (+410%), turtle terrarium ideas (+135%), planted fish bowl (+95%), and bioactive vivarium (+85%)

Biorb 4 Gallon Octagon Aquarium Tank

Courtesy of Wayfair

biOrb 4 Gallons Octagon Aquarium Tank, $209

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