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Interior design trends are like a revolving door—like many trends, it’s cyclical. One minute the coastal look is in, then a few years later, mid-century modern details are all the rage, and then we might see industrial after that, and so on. That’s why following trends can be a slippery slope, because if you only decorated your home based on what’s trending in the moment, you might find yourself redecorating and renovating every couple of years—which can cost you and it’s not exactly sustainable. Your best bet is to follow the trends that speak to you and your personal design aesthetic, and not because they’re popular.

But as a design fan, I do love following trends in the sense that I like to know what’s popular in a voyeuristic way, but I don’t feel the sudden urge to redecorate. A design spectator, if you will. That’s why I was intrigued by a recent study conducted by interior design studio Hovia, which analyzed Google Trends data to find the most popular interior design styles in the U.S. and each state. The studio looked at 575 search terms relating to 25 styles to compile the list.

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And the interior design style that reigned supreme? Modern farmhouse took the top spot with 32 states choosing the style over any other. The study found that it was most popular in Texas (searched an average of 8,647 times per month); Ohio (3,717 searches per month); and North Carolina (3,497 searches per month). It’s not really surprising that the style has taken over, and we probably have the king and queen of modern farmhouse style, Chip and Joanna Gaines, to thank for that. Usual features of this style include vaulted ceilings, neutral palettes, and black accents.

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I didn’t really know that feng shui was considered a design style—I see it more of a practice or art of arranging your home for balanced energy and flow, but Hovia found that it was the second most popular style in the U.S. And apparently people in the West are really into feng shui principles and techniques—Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Mexico search for it the most.

Coastal and rustic both tied for third place. Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming search for rustic interiors, while Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island, and South Carolina are most interested in coastal style. 

And lastly the fourth most popular styles were a four-way tie between mid-century modern, French country, industrial, and eclectic. According to Hovia, Oregon favors mid-century modern, while Mississippi likes French country, New York is interested in industrial, and Arkansas is into eclectic design.

Do your design sensibilities match up with your own state’s? I’m in California but I can’t say my whole apartment is completely in line with feng shui principles, although I try to adhere to the big stuff like bed placement. Either way, it’s fun to see the design trends by state.

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