Meet GreenRow, the latest home brand.

GreenRow Easthill Dining Table
Courtesy of GreenRow

New home brands seem to debut every year, but it’s not every day that a beloved, legendary retailer launches something completely new. And that’s what Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (whose family of brands include West Elm and Pottery Barn) is doing. Introducing GreenRow, a home brand that is squarely focused on sustainability.

GreenRow Verbena Dining Chairs
The Easthill Dining Table and Verbena Dining Chairs

Courtesy of GreenRow

And before you write it off as another brand that only pretends to be eco-friendly, GreenRow really lives up to its promises. Williams-Sonoma, Inc’s Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Jaimee Seabury leads the brand, and she and her team searched all over the globe and the United States to work with vendors and artisans who are committed to sustainable practices. They even pushed many of their existing vendors to find more ways to produce materials sustainably.

“GreenRow is focused on creating modern heirlooms by combining bright colors and thoughtful details into sustainable materials,” Seabury explained in a press release. “In addition to designing into a timeless aesthetic, we also committed to utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices and teaching our customers how to care for our products in order to ensure their longevity.”

GreenRow Rugs
The rugs are made with natural dyes.

Courtesy of GreenRow

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One practice that GreenRow employs is using every bit of material and turning it into something else. Seabury told Sunset that the scraps from the natural-dyed rugs are used as upholstery and cushion covers for stools, and that the extras of Turkish cotton fabric from the duvet covers are turned into crib sheets and napkins. The dinnerware from Portugal is made with leftover glaze, which give the pieces a striking, beautiful patina.

GreenRow Hadley Slipcovered Sofa
The Atish Coffee Table, which was made of trees from a tea leaf garden in India.

Courtesy of GreenRow

And the materials are expertly sourced. Seabury pointed out a reclaimed wood coffee table that was sourced from one of their vendors in India, who also grows tea. The coffee table is made from the trees that traditionally shade the tea leaf gardens—every so often these trees are cut down so new ones can be planted to protect the tea leaves from the sun.

Each product in the line is made to support at least one of the company’s social or environmental initiatives. Because many of these products feature unique upcycled materials and special manufacturing methods, many of the items are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. And GreenRow furniture purchases are also included in Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s tree planting program, which plants a tree for every piece of wood furniture sold.

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