You could buy a wreath like this at Target for almost triple the price, but why would you?

Hoop Wreath Finished Wreath
Deanna Kizis

So you’d love to have a modern Christmas wreath this holiday season but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. (And why would you? Even Christmas trees cost more this year.)  

Well, I made this chic wreath for under $9, and it was so easy and fun, my 10-year-old made one, too. (Full disclosure: The project might have broken $10 if I’d had to buy tools, but I already owned wire cutters.)

A wreath like this can be hung inside or out, and once you learn how to make it, you can think of styles you might want to adopt as the seasons change. (What about one featuring dried lavender for spring?)  

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What I like best about making this wreath is that I foraged for the plants. A tree in my backyard offered up a branch, then I snipped a few cuttings off my own Christmas tree. I wanted spiral eucalyptus, too, but when I went to raid my neighbor’s garden, the dog was in the yard, nd I’m not one to tempt fate. You can use other things too, like pinecones (you can wire them on), flowers, cinnamon sticks, or even dried orange slices. The point is, be creative, enjoy yourself while doing it, and save your hard-earned cash for something else.  

You’ll Need:

Deanna Kizis

Make It!

Hoop Wreath: Finished Wreath

Deanna Kizis

Design-wise, to make a wreath like this, you want to create a crescent-moon shape. The asymmetry is what gives it a modern look.  

1. Begin by placing your foliage on your hoop and use the paddle wire to keep it in place. Layer more greenery on as you go. I did one side and then another, but you can do both sides at once.  

2. Once your shape is in place, find the center point. This is where you’ll tie your ribbon. Use the excess ribbon to create a loop at the top of your wreath for hanging.  

3. That’s it! Enjoy your wreath—maybe make one or two for friends—and raise a glass of something festive to your crafty self. 

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