A bevy of wreaths that can be brought to your front door, along with the best care tips.

Exterior Red Door Decorated with a Wreath for Christmas
Laurie Rubin/Getty Images

A live holiday wreath hung on your front door is a verdant invitation to guests: It encourages them to come inside, get warm, perhaps have a cup of something hot, and celebrate the season. If the wreath is made of something evergreen, it wafts the scent of pine into your home. And, of course, wreaths make your front door look well appointed for this time of year.

Live wreaths don’t last forever, but there are things you can do to keep yours healthy and happy throughout December. Remember that many of these are made of outdoor plants and will do better outside. (Your home’s heating system can dry them out.) Also, consider where you place them—wreaths don’t like direct sunlight. Finally, terms of care, misting every other day, front and back, will keep them from getting brown and crispy before the first holiday cocktails are served. 

Six Wreaths You Can Get Delivered to Your Front Door Right Now

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