Whether you have a non-working fireplace or you want to avoid smoke, there are still plenty of ways to light up your hearth

Nena Farrell  – October 29, 2019 | Updated November 27, 2019

With Daylight Savings and shorter days just around the corner, the season to get cozy is just beginning. While many folks are nostalgic for a roaring fire during this time of year, there are plenty of reasons to style a fireplace without the presence of flames.

Whether you’re looking to reduce smoke exposure in your home or your fireplace is non-functioning, here are a few alternative ways to enjoy your fireplace all season long.

Fill It with Wood Piles

Get a super-cozy look by styling your fireplace with beautifully stacked piles of wood, instantly transforming your living room into a cabin escape. And if the time comes that you actually want to use your fireplace, the wood is already right there and ready to go.

Make a Mini Library

If you have a fireplace facade, or simply a clean fireplace, fill the interior with stacks of colorful books, ideally enough to fill the interior. It’s a fun hack for putting all those great coffee table books on display rather than cluttering up your coffee table.

Create a Plant Haven

Add a variety of houseplants in front of, around, and on top of the fireplace to transform it into a green wonderland. Tuck plants that need less direct sunlight into the center of the fireplace, and dot your mantle with vine-filled foliage.

Replicate Flames with Candles

Not a fan of lighting fires, but love the look of the flames? Instead, try filling your fireplace with pillar candles that you can easily light to create a similar mood, with easier clean-up.