Whether you’re looking to get boozy or stay dry, these drinks and cocktails are the perfect companions to your Christmas brunch.

Holiday Bubbly Drinks

Melissa Gayle

Christmas morning is always a special time in my house. The joy of the occasion is amplified by the presence of family or close friends, and initial chaos of presents notwithstanding, the day is usually accompanied by an innate sense of serene calm. For a season that can be filled with lots of activities and to-do lists, Christmas morning is often a much more relaxed time during a high-energy holiday. After we’ve all finished tearing into gifts, we settle down for, like many holidays, the most enjoyable element: a meal.

While Christmas dinners are sometimes huge feasts with wine and revelry, Christmas brunch has the opportunity to be a bit more intimate. In my house, this typically translated into more simplistic, homestyle breakfast dishes—scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and jelly, that sort of thing. These types of foods feel appropriate for the laid-back, relaxed course the day normally takes in our house, and at this point, they have become a tradition.

As great as that is, it can feel a little simple—lacking in to-do for a very celebratory holiday. So, how do we add a little pomp and circumstance back into Christmas morning? With extravagant creative drinks, of course!

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There are all kinds of inventive holiday drinks out there, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, that capture the flavors of the season and can bring festivity to any brunch. For those looking to get a little boozy, you can combine sparkling wine with fruits of the season like cranberry. Or, try cocktails that are a little more inventive, like one that takes its name from Rudolph or even one that uses sprigs from Christmas trees to flavor the drink.

Of course, there are plenty of hot options to counter the cold weather outside. We’re talking everything from hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, to a spiked coffee flavored with gingerbread or just a simple hot spiced cider.

Whatever direction you want to go, the recipes below are a great place to start.

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