It partnered with global artisans and makers to add fermented beverages to its offerings.

patagonia provisions natural wines
Thomas J. Story

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Patagonia Provisions, the outdoor brand’s line of food products, has just launched a line of curated natural wines to add to its sustainable food offerings. The collection of natural wines kicked off with six bottles made in collaboration with artisans across the globe. 

Each wine exemplifies a commitment to the earth through biodynamic and organic farming practices, natural fermentation, and minimal inputs, leaving consumers with a drink to accompany them on their next outdoor excursion or farm-to-table dinner at home.

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“In keeping with the principles that drive Patagonia Provisions’ award-winning, responsibly sourced foods, our natural wines, ciders, and sake are produced using restorative farming practices and ancient, low-intervention fermentation techniques,” says Birgit Cameron, co-founder and head of Patagonia Provisions, in a statement. “As a result, these beverages help rebuild damaged soils, restore vital habitat, and draw down carbon—all while filling your glass with lively, region-specific flavors.”

One of the brands partnering with Patagonia Provisions is Austria’s Meinklang, the second-largest biodynamic farm in the world. The farm, run by the Michlits family for over 20 years, has been creating wines that exist as a pure expression of what their vineyards provided them with, and their vineyard provides them with far more than just grapes for winemaking.

“Our aim is to focus on the original meaning of the term ‘Wein-Garten,'” Meinklang‘s website reads. “The German word for vineyard which contains the words ‘wine’ and ‘garden’ by creating a true garden with fruit, vegetables, vines, and herbs.” Around the grapes that grow on the vineyard are trees and bushes bearing stinging nettles, elderflowers, almonds, plum, quince, and more. They also support cohabitants such as insects, hedgehogs, and rare dormice that settle near the fruit trees and support the ecosystem of the crops. The vineyard and plants within it are fed with manure from the farm’s cows, sheep, and horses as well as green waste. This shows their commitment to the cycle of nature and how each part can be reintegrated. 

patagonia provisions natural wines

Amy Kumler

The intention and service of Meinklang farm, partnered with Patagonia Provisions’ mission to restore the ecosystem through regenerative organic farming practices, have in turn created two bottles of natural wine that expand our ideas of natural as well as our palettes. The first of the two, a Thyme Blanc ($25), is an Austrian white wine made with Pinot Blanc grapes and fresh thyme added during the fermentation to bring forth herbaceous notes. This combination of flavors leaves us with a bottle that offers citrusy notes and subtle thyme flavor to pair well with grilled vegetables and salads like Patagonia Provisions Mushrooms and Savory Grains mix. The second bottle, a Rosé ($25), is fermented with Zweigelt grapes to offer flavors reminiscent of floral tea and dark fruit. This bottle pairs well with fresh goat cheese, charcuterie, or a tin of Lemon Caper Mackerel from Patagonia Provisions’ line of preserved seafood.

All of the wines, ciders, and sakes now available through Patagonia Provisions can be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Florida, Louisiana (wine & cider only), North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming, and they range from $8 to $48. You can learn more about the entire line of fermented beverages available solely through Patagonia Provisions here, and more about Meinklang’s wine and farms here.