Which do you prefer as your patty—lentils, mushrooms, tofu, or zucchini?

So often, the best part of a veggie burger is being able to use whatever veggies you want in your base. That’s why every veggie burger is different. When I want one, I look for one that’s built of a protein sturdy enough to make me feel full, like lentils or a medley of beans. Oh, and usually a lot of cheese, because queso totally makes up for the lack of meat. (Sorry, vegans.)

Fans of the Impossible Burger might enjoy the very close similarity to real beef. But if you want to indulge in the power of the veg, you might want a big juicy portobello mushroom burger. However your cravings are carved out, we’ve got a veggie burger recipe guaranteed to please. Find our five favorite Sunset veggie burgers below—and don’t forget the vegetarian-friendly sides!

Veggie Burger Recipes  

Vegetarian Sides