Build a better burger with these delicious ideas for succulent patties, fresh toppings, sauces, and more.

Make These 20 Easy Hamburger Recipes Because, Let’s Face It, 90% of the Time What You Really Want Is a Burger
Iain Bagwell

When my editor asked me to put together this collection of Sunset’s hamburger recipes, I was more than ready—I am a burger addict. In a good week, I probably eat three or four burgers, mostly all from Burgers 99 in Los Angeles, though when traffic hits I head over to Burgers Never Say Die or Goldburger. I love the hamburger’s versatility, the way the toppings complement the patty (gimme thick-cut bacon!), or the way no two burger spots have a “special sauce” that tastes the same. At home I’ll whip up an In-n-Out-style double-double patty, add citrus and garlic to plain mayo, and top with bacon, grilled onions, homemade pickles, and ketchup. I know my burger is ready when it barely fits in my hands.

Whether your dependency rivals mine or not, you deserve a great, easy hamburger whenever the craving hits. That’s why I’ve pulled together Sunset’s best burger recipes—to help you find the perfect one. The protein is flexible, so you’ll find not only beef but lamb and veggie burgers, with patty additions like feta cheese or dried cherries, and toppings ranging from the classics to a big slab of brie. Plus, there’s a whole selection of “specialty burgers” that take our favorite hand-held meal to new realms and beyond.

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