From apple cake to comforting braised short ribs, these dishes will become your new fall classics.

The month of October brings pumpkin spice lattes, carving sessions, spooky season, the list goes on. Along with some seriously tasty seasonal drinks, autumn also offers a handful of fruits and veggies that hit peak seasonality during the prime fall month when leaves are changing color. 

If you haven’t visited an apple orchard to pick your own basket of the fruit this season, take advantage of some of the best in the West—you can then whip up an apple oven cake or toss the freshly picked fruit into a salad made with fall greens. 

When your sweet tooth hits around the end of the month and you’re trying to keep your hands out of a bag of candy, grab a couple handfuls of pumpkin seeds saved from carving and make a batch of cinnamon pumpkin seed brittle instead. Share the brittle with friends, bag them up to send to family, or save them all for yourself to snack on whenever you need a sweet treat (we won’t judge). 

Outside of the desserts and candies, you’ll want to be baking and making to share (or not): Chicories, persimmons, cauliflower, leeks, and pomegranates are at their peak. Dive headfirst into fall with a homemade coursed dinner starting with a leafy green and persimmon salad, followed by lamb pomegranate shawarma. Finish the night off with a glass of sparkling red wine and pear sorbet. 

The sun is setting earlier, the days are feeling shorter, and soup is making its way into season. We’ve got a unique soup to get you started as you transition from summer gazpachos and into warm and cozy dishes with flavor combinations including lettuce, leeks, and fava beans. Whatever you’ve got a craving for this month, we’ve got a recipe based on seasonal offerings to help you curb it. Keep scrolling for all of our favorite recipes to make in October.

Salads and Sides