From no-bake recipes to classic comfort desserts, we’ve got all of the sweets to savor in April.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These Desserts to Make in April
Iain Bagwell

With random warm days and still spring showers, April will bring with it a bounty of fresh ingredients. On those warmer days, it’s helpful to have a few ways to whip up dessert without turning on the oven. This month, we’re taking advantage of seasonal fruits to help elevate simple desserts that require minimal prep in desserts like chocolate-dipped apricots and strawberries served with Fromage blanc

When the sun sets and the temperatures drop a bit or on one of the rainier days April is bound to bring, switch on the oven for bakes that can be indulged in for a few days. Our recipe for chocolate banana bread is sure to satisfy with a single slice or try chocolate lace sandwich cookies. Pop a few of the cookies, filled with melted chocolate, in the freezer for a cool treat to eat later in the week when the temp rises again. 

If brunch is on the calendar this month, swap muffins a fruit-forward blackberry almond tea cake, or go even easier with powdered stuffed dates—a simple dessert to make in advance as well.

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Before summer arrives and strawberry and rhubarb make their way into a pie together, let rhubarb shine on its own in a crostata spiced with ginger. And it wouldn’t feel like summer’s on the horizon without at least one recipe for a frozen delicacy. This month we’re savoring Salt & Straw’s head ice cream maker, Tyler Malek’s, roasted strawberry coconut soft serve; a deliciously dairy-free treat.

Find all of our favorite dessert recipes to make throughout the month of April below, and for savory sides and mains to finish out your menu, click here. 

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