The beverage adds creaminess to cooking and mellows the hot edge of spices like cinnamon and ginger. Plus, it tastes great on its own.

Cinnamon Rolls
Courtesy of Clover Sonoma

At baseline, preparing food and drink is an act of nourishment and sustenance. But if you’re mindful about the ingredients you use, spending time in the kitchen can be a profoundly grounding act that can help you recenter and recharge. As the seasons shift and we spend more time in the kitchen, we’ve been making food and drinks with Clover Sonoma’s new collection of Moon Milks inspired by the Hindu tradition of Ayurveda. Made with herbs and spices and sweetened ever so slightly with organic honey, the Moon Milks also contain naturally-occurring soothing magnesium and tryptophan. Each of the Moon Milk flavors—Blueberry Lavender, Cherry Berry Hibiscus, and Turmeric Ginger—allows you to add richness and flavor to drinks (froth some up to top an elevated tea) or to breakfast bowls, baked goods, and smoothies (the organic herbs and spices are a shortcut to color and flavor). 

To give you something both indulgent and restorative in the very best way, we’ve developed a super satisfying and gorgeous cinnamon roll recipe using Golden Moon that we think will become your go-to weekend project and possibly the dish you bring to every holiday gathering this season. The good folks at Clover Sonoma have dialed in the turmeric and ginger flavors so you get all of the gentle warming effect with none of the bite. To amp up the flavor, we’ve loaded the rolls with spices that echo some of the ingredients of the Moon Milk but also take it into the flavor profile you’d typically find in chai. Bonus: Baking with the Moon Milk is a snap and you won’t stain your fingers rolling out the dough as you would if you used dried turmeric. 

For a less time-intensive but no less centering ritualized moment of deliciousness, writer and recipe developer Zainab Shah shares a recipe for tea using Clover Pink Moon to echo the color and the flavors of a traditional Kashmiri chai. Whether baking and glazing or steeping and brewing, Clover Sonoma Moon Milks will help you find your calming moment both in the kitchen and in your day. 

Cooking with Clover Sonoma’s Moon Milk

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