Don't bother turning on the stove with these ceviche recipes in your arsenal.

Ceviche is a dish native to South America but with variations that have stretched far beyond its origins. The base of any ceviche however is the same; some sort of seafood that’s “cooked” in a vat of citrus juices like lime or lemon for an extended period of time. The exposure to the acids in the citrus denatures the protein which gives it a firmer texture and opaque color. Technically, ceviche is still a raw dish so it is important to source your fish properly so that it is safe to consume uncooked. Though if you’re a little wary of diving into a bowl of raw fish, we’ve added a cheat recipe that partially cooks shrimp below.

That all being said, while I am a major ceviche and seafood fan in general, after bingeing the entire first season of Waffles + Mochi (Netflix’s best new cooking show), I was ready to put to the test a gung-ho attitude toward trying new things. Why not start with new styles of ceviche? My outdoor dining reservation at Beverly Hills’ newest restaurant Mirame was set, and the octopus ceviche was on the menu and ready to be ordered. 

The dish, called Campechana, came with a mix of scallops, shrimp, avocado, and cucumber. I spotted the tentacles and circular pieces that were the octopus and noticed the skin had an unusually bright hue to it. “We treat our octopus Japanese style and poach it with soy sauce to stain the skin,” said the chef, Josh Gil. “It truly adds depth to the overall flavor and texture of the dish.”

As I took my first bites along with bits of tostada, the texture of the seafood lit up inside of my mouth. With soft pieces of avocado and perfectly chewy chunks of shrimp and octopus, I closed my eyes as though I was Remy (the rat) in Ratatouille trying cheese and grapes together for the first time.

So here I am, not only a fan of octopus but an even bigger fan of perfectly balanced ceviche. As an ode to warmer weather and longer days, we’ve gathered our favorite ceviche recipes to last you through the season. 

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