Preheat the oven and read your cookie-scope! Let the zodiac be your holiday baking guide.

Astrology has been around for centuries but has experienced something of a resurgence in the internet age. Beyond explaining what type of personality you have or how your day will be, your star sign, for devotees, can be used to predict your ideal partner, what book you should read next, even what holiday cookie you should bake.

During the holiday season, there are all kinds of fun, interesting holiday cookies to make. And the volume and variety of the recipes online can make it hard to decide which one to make. So allow us to help.

We’ve gathered 12 holiday cookies and, based on the traits of the sign and nature of the cookie, assigned them each a star sign. The recipes stretch across a range of difficulties, though they are all doable in your home without need for professional baking experience. We’ve also included a little explanation of why each cookie was assigned to each sign and if you’re unfamiliar with astrology, a brief rundown of each sign’s major traits. Passionate Scorpios might lean toward chocolate-on-chocolate choices, while generous Sagittarius friends might want to bake for the whole family, or outgoing and creative Leos need something new to try in the kitchen.

Don’t worry, we’re not getting so complicated to involve moon, rising, or any of the other planet signs. Just scroll down to your main sign and check out the ideal recipe for you. And you don’t even have to give us your birthday.

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