These coolers allow for easy, hands-free cold drinks on all your excursions this summer.

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With summer approaching, outdoor activities under the sun become increasingly frequent. Floats down the river, hangouts at the beach, hikes in the mountains. What makes a fun outdoor activity even better? Cold drinks and good sandwiches. The one obstacle is the cooler. Who’s going to lug an entire cooler halfway up a mountain on a hike or drown it in water on the river? Some people might, but all it will end in is frustration. 

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The perfect solution: backpack coolers. Lightweight and stylish, they will become a new staple of your summer adventures. Refresh yourself with a taste of cool beer or a swig of ice-cold water; both taste that much better after a long day out in the sun. Take a bite out of your turkey sandwich at the top of an ambitious hike, and the shock of bread that isn’t soggy will have you absolutely hooked on this cooler! 

From fun colors to stylish shapes and vegan leather materials, you have a wide variety of backpacks to choose from depending on what you want from it. They’re all hardcore and versatile, and each serves the same purpose, using different approaches. Some are more fashionable, others are waterproof, some soft-sided and others hard-sided. They are all successful at keeping your food and drinks cold inside. 

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Elevate your summer excursion with some ice-cold drinks, hands free! Take a hike out in the Rockies, float down the Colorado River, walk to waterfalls in Hawaii, or enjoy a beach day in San Diego. All the while, you’ll be prepared with food and drinks that will not only give you energy but still taste good after miles of distance.

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