Tentsile takes comfortability to new heights.

two tents suspended in air over forest floor covered in snow
Courtesy of Tentsile
Two Tentsile Connects

You’ve seen portable hammocks. They’re latched to trees next to trails or campsites, they pop up in city parks, and they even make an appearance courtesy of that one co-worker who takes lunch breaks to another level.

Of course, a hammock’s use for camping can pose the inevitable conundrum of mosquitos and other critters of the outdoors. And while some hammocks come with mesh netting, sturdiness and space can pose a comfortability issue, especially if camping with more than one person.

Tree tent maker Tentsile eliminates these potential hiccups with the Connect 2-Person Tree Tent, which can be quickly assembled—an average of 10 to 15 minutes—by latching ratchet straps to three trees and suspending what amounts to a full tent in the air. Made for four seasons, the Connect 2-Person Tree Tent is a sturdy, easy-to-set-up option for anyone from the camping novice to the seasoned outdoorsman.

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It features a removable rainfly that can protect the tent—and the surrounding area due to its expansive size—from the elements on colder, damp nights. With the cover removed, campers are free to enjoy a night under the stars using just the see-through insect mesh, a layer that includes four roll-back doors for those outings when an open hammock is desired.

two people sit in a tree tent off the ground
Tentsile Connect.

Courtesy of Tentsile

The Connect’s 8-foot length, weight capacity of 880 lbs., and two-pole pop-up roof that provides 3 feet of headspace, meanwhile, makes the interior roomy enough to easily hold a couple, a a four-legged friend, and gear. And while the fabric base provides the cushiony give for a comfortable night’s sleep, seatbelt webbing design that reinforces the tent’s floor acts as a central divider to create separate sleeping bays for each camper. This same sturdy underfloor strap also keeps campers firmly nestled on their own side of the tent, preventing rolling or lopsided leaning that may come with any weight discrepancies.

For gear storage, the Connect includes four internal nets, one small internal mesh pocket for personal items, and two under-floor nets large enough to hold backpacks.

Once you’re ready to head home, the tent breaks down into a convenient single-bag set-up that can be worn as a backpack, making it an easy item to transport to and from the pitch location. With a weight of almost 21 lbs., you probably won’t be taking the Connect along for longer destination treks, but for anything from a short jaunt to a canoe trip down the river, you won’t be disappointed. And if you do want to use the Connect as a traditional floor tent, you can. Just snag a ground conversion kit (sold separately) and you’re all set.

Check out the Connect 2-Person Tree Tent for $559, or explore additional models—lighter or more spacious—that can accommodate all manner of outdoors enthusiasts. The $399 Flite 2-Person Hammock Tent, for example, weighs just over 10 lbs., making it well suited for backcountry adventures, while Tentsile’s signature tent, the $729 Stingray, weighs 24 lbs. and can comfortably accommodate three people.

For more, explore Tentsile’s full line of tents and accessories.

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