Green O's Social Haus. (Mutuus Studio via Notion Workshop)

Paws Up’s new adults-only resort Green O makes for the perfect secluded getaway.

J.D. Simkins  – April 9, 2021 | Updated May 4, 2021

The team at the Paws Up resort in Greenough, Montana, continues to dazzle in new and exciting ways that redefine the very meaning of luxury.

While the resort once boasted 28 luxury cabins and 36 glamping sites scattered across 37,000 pristine acres of mountains, rivers, and meadows, the addition of an all-new adults-only sub-section that blends rustic charm with modern touches makes Paws Up the perfect destination for those seeking either grown-up fun or undisturbed romance.

Now nestled in a densely timbered section of the expansive property is the Green O, a stunning destination highlighted by 12 secluded accommodations, or “Hauses,” that provide unmatched privacy and wilderness immersion.

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“This isn’t just a luxury resort. This is a place where breathtaking views meet thrilling outdoor adventures,” the Green-O page notes. “A place where your soul and spirit can wander.”

Of the 12 soul-replenishing accommodations, which are set to officially open on June 1, there are four styles—the Tree Haus, the Round Haus, the Green Haus, and the Light Haus.

Let’s dive into a few details about each.

The Tree Haus

The property’s four Tree Hauses are elevated 15 feet off the ground, each offering 1,030 square feet of luxury living space spread across two stories accessible via a spiral staircase. Floor-to-ceiling windows and two separate decks provide stunning views of the surrounding forest. And of course, there is the hot tub—built into the ground below—beckoning visitors with the allure of open-air relaxation.

Additional features include:

  • An expansive living room with fireplace
  • A 340-square-foot first-floor deck
  • Second-floor master suite with king-size bed, fireplace, half bathroom
  • A master bathroom with double vanity, shower, and large soaking tub
  • An ultramodern eco-kitchen with in-drawer refrigeration and freezer

Courtesy of Paws Up

The Tree Haus rendering.

The Round Haus

Aptly named due to its curves, the Round Haus offers 180-degree floor-to-ceiling window views from both its living and bedroom areas, which amount to 918 square feet of indoor living space.

Stargazing opportunities are plentiful from the accommodation’s 355-square-foot rooftop deck, as is the chance to spot any of the region’s abundance of wildlife.

No matter where in the Round Haus guests choose to relax, immersion in the surrounding environs is assured.

Additional features include:

  • Expansive living room with fireplace
  • Master bedroom with king-size bed and fireplace
  • Large en suite bathroom with double vanity, shower, and soaking tub
  • Ultramodern eco-kitchen with in-drawer refrigeration and freezer
  • 412 square-foot deck with hot tub and fireplace

Courtesy of Paws Up

The Round Haus rendering.

The Green Haus

Four 880-square-foot Green Hauses are adorned with living roofs containing grasses native to the area that transform each rooftop deck into a meadowy lounge space.

Over the king-size bed is a skylight that will allow guests to comfortably doze after gazing at the night sky. The living room’s pitched ceiling, meanwhile, gives the already-spacious living room an atrium feel that’s supplemented by a fireplace.

Additional features include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Large en suite bathroom with double vanity, shower, and soaking tub
  • Ultramodern eco-kitchen with in-drawer refrigeration and freezer
  • 311-square-foot rooftop deck
  • 724-square-foot deck with built in hot tub

Courtesy of Paws Up

The Green Haus rendering.

The Light Haus

Last, but certainly not least, is the one and only Light Haus, offering 1,080 square feet of indoor living space and bump-out windows that plunge guests into their pine-scented surroundings.

A massive 830-square-foot deck with a hot tub and fire place is the perfect space to wind down with a glass of locally made wine after a day of hiking or horseback riding.

Additional features include:

  • Two fireplaces
  • Glass pavilion-style design with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Master bedroom featuring a king-size bed and fireplace
  • Large en suite bathroom with double vanity, shower, and soaking tub
  • Ultramodern eco-kitchen with in-drawer refrigeration and freezer

Courtesy of Paws Up

The Light Haus rendering.

Enjoying Your Stay

Guests of the Green O will enjoy all the incredible amenities Paws Up has to offer. Elegant dining options and live-fire cooking at Green O’s Social Haus, for example, make for the perfect cap after a day of outdoor adventure.

“Soaring windows open to the outdoors, allowing the mingling of cooking aromas with the fresh, pine-scented air,” the Social Haus page says. “Details like Shou Sugi Ban wood, stained to match the surrounding pine trees, and artisan-designed custom lighting accentuate the feeling that you’re enveloped in the forest.”

When guests aren’t relaxing or taste-testing myriad locally-sourced delicacies, there are a plethora of activities to enjoy, including horseback riding, archery, hot air ballooning, helicopter tours, dog sledding, fly fishing, canoeing, backcountry ATV tours, and more.

And of course, guests will enjoy the use of their very own luxury Lexus SUV for the duration of their stay.

View a full list of activities at the Paws Up resort here.

Interested in seeing Green O for yourself? Explore more of what the new adults-only resort and Paws Up have to offer today.

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