Christine Ryan


That bicycle leaning against the tree is, in fact, a pedal-yourself-up elevator. (Noah Kalin / Little, Brown and Company)

So, the New York Times’s T magazine is catching on to what Westerners have known for pretty much ever: Nothing beats a cabin for nourishing the American soul. (Of course, they tapped a Westerner—Walter Kirn, whose work has graced Sunset’s pages now and again—to explain and contextualize the trend. Good choice, Gray Lady!)


Here at Sunset, we too swoon over cabins. But if we can’t have the actual thing, we’ll settle for the book, a greatest-hits collection due out September 29 from Little, Brown and drawn from Cabin Porn, a Tumblr-based project by San Francisco’s own Zach Klein (who in his spare time cofounded Vimeo). It’s brought us such hand-hewn delights as this hexagonal cedar treehouse, which 25-year-old Ethan Schlussler built high up in a Western larch tree in his mother’s backyard in Sandpoint, Idaho. Hey, Ethan, can we come on up?


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