The groundbreaking rock climbing film Free Solo, made by our October issue cover stars, has debuted in the West

El Capitan
Thomas J. Story

The epic film Free Solo, in which famed rock climber Alex Honnold completes Yosemite National Park’s 3,300-foot Freerider route on El Capitan without a rope, hit theaters over the weekend in select cities including Los Angeles and Denver. Free Solo will continue to pop up in more theaters across the West and the U.S. at large throughout the month.

Curious when the movie heads to your city? Check out the screening dates and theaters here and make sure to plan ahead—the movie is only at each theater for about a week at a time.

Our October cover stars Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi are the accomplished filmmakers behind Free Solo. The film is the first start-to-finish collaboration between the married couple and parents of two. Their crew followed Honnold up the the rock face for the entire climb, and captured an earlier failed attempt and his prep for his second—and successful, but no less stressful—try up Freerider.

“The film isn’t just about climbing,” says Chin. “It’s about hard choices in life, about ambition and dreams and relationships—really profound things that great challenges can bring out in people. That’s what drives me these days.”
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Cover shot by Taylor Glenn