Here's where to find tasty delights of the season, from fresh pies to great tiki drinks

Great pie in Seattle: Here are five bakeries and cafes (see:Must-try pies )where you’ll find made-from-scratch cherry, rhubarb, and blackberry beauties.

Banana splits in Salt Lake City: You could, of course, slice a banana in half, add a scoop of vanilla and pour the hot fudge on yourself ― or, you could head to one of these five ice cream parlors and restaurants (see: Five great Banana splits in Salt Lake City) that have put their own spin on everyone’s favorite all-American dessert.

Cold beer in Bend, Ore.: Head to the Cascades, where ice-cold microbrews (see:Bend’s brews ) flow as easily as ice tea.

Umbrella drinks in Southern California: Five fun tiki bars (see: Tiki time in Southern California), where you can sip from coconuts without fear of sunburn.

Oysters around San Francisco: Not everyone has a sweet tooth in the summer. How does a dozen Sweetwater oysters ― paired with a glass of Muscadet and a view of the San Francisco Bay sound?

Poolside pastas in Scottsdale, Ariz.: July in Phoenix can be a trying time. When your spirits wilt like string cheese in a microwave, dive straight for the pool, where you can enjoy summer pastas while still dripping (see: Chilling in Scottsdale) ― plus spa treatments on the cheap.

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