L.A.'s stylemakers for the junior set

Erika Ehmsen,  – December 12, 2005

Up-and-coming Eagle Rock has become the L.A. neighborhood whereSilver Lake renters move to buy homes and start families. And atLisa McDaniel and Natasha Walsh’s Rockin’ Baby Shop, local kids canlook just as cool as their parents. The duo ― Walsh is aHollywood costumer and McDaniel is a script supervisor ― met12 years ago when their husbands were working on a video game.While hanging out with their young sons one day, they discovered acommon baby-gift lament. “We’re a little vain,” Walsh says,laughing. “Yeah, we like fashionable things,” McDaniel explains.”And the baby blue sling I got made me feel like I was wearing abig neck brace,” Walsh related.

So the two hatched a plan for a line of stylish baby carriers.Their unisex hands-free sling ― with fashion-forwardtrimmings like orange zebra stripes and silver studs ― was ahit with moms and celebs (Angelina Jolie bought two).

The friends opened their lime green and pink-starred boutiquelast May, stocking it with their carriers plus tiny motorcyclejackets, boldly patterned pj’s, and pop-art onesies with sayingslike d is for disco. They’re bumping up store sizes to a kids’ 10this spring. “And we’re thinking about maternity clothes down theline,” McDaniel says. “But right now we’re working on getting oursea legs ― we’re still figuring things out.” And, Walsh adds,”going a mile a minute.”

INFO: Rockin’ Baby Shop, 5048Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles; 888/645-2229

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