Staff photographer Tom Story shot a book's worth of pictures at the Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers in Rainbow, CA for our December feature. We couldn't fit them all in the magazine, so here are some more goodies for you to enjoy.

The cliffs are steep as hell, and the flowers are hypnotic. The place is unlike any "farm" we're used to. Rocky, dry, and so full of beauty.

There's almost nothing more fun than looking at flowers, but we found one: Owner Mel Resendiz, a true cowboy farmer, who is just smitten with his crop.

He harvested and arranged a bouquet right on the spot for our photo editor, Linda Peters.

The bulk of the arranging is done back at the packing shed.

We want to wish the Resendiz Brothers (and especially Business Manager Diana Roy!) a giant thank you for hosting the Sunset crew multiple times at the farm. We are so lucky to get to tell stories about Westerners like you!

GIVEAWAY!!! The California Cut Flower Commission is so excited about CA-grown flowers on our December cover that they are giving away an actual Resendiz Brothers Protea wreaths to their fans!

Enter here!!!

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