Camu camu is stealing the spotlight as the newest of-the-moment anti-inflammatory.

Meet the Superfruit That Could Become Your Belly’s Best Friend
Camu camu berry fruits (lat. Myrciaria dubia)

Turmeric, açai, maca, and adaptogens—with so many trendy ingredients buzzing in the wellness world, it can be hard to follow which will best save your skin, help your gut, and fend off inflammation.

The latest superfood study focuses on a lesser-known fruit that apparently packs an unexpected punch for its teensy size. Camu camu, which is native to Peru and Brazil, is a reddish-purple berry-like fruit that has been used medicinally by indigenous peoples for centuries. The fruit has been praised by wellness experts for its impressive vitamin C levels (over 20 times higher than that of kiwis) and high count of antioxidants, which promote vascular health and safeguard against some chronic diseases.

A study by the Faculty of Medicine at Canada’s Université Laval revealed that the fruit could also ignite the metabolism, regulate insulin levels, promote gut health, and fight obesity. In a series of studies, scientists found that the consumption of camu camu extract regulated glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, decreased inflammation, and created healthy levels of gut bacteria. Though the Amazonian berry’s effects on metabolism are still under investigation, the research is promising and its immunity-boosting abilities are worth seeking the fruit out.

As cold and flu season approaches, it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Though the berry doesn’t ship well in fresh form, plenty of camu camu powders and supplements are popping up on the market. Our suggestion: Mix a teaspoon into your yogurt or smoothie for a little kick of cherry-citrus flavor

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