Samsung’s The Frame turns the television into a modern style statement

Samsung's The Frame TV
Courtesy of Samsung

The TV is often far from a beautiful part of the home, but with Samsung’s second generation of The Frame, it’s getting closer to becoming a piece of art that doubles as entertainment.

The Frame was first introduced last year, leaving an impression with its mid-century modern-inspired design and minimalist take on what a TV could look like. The sleek rectangle has a white bezel to imitate an art frame, three slim legs styled like a tripod, and defaults to an artwork display when not in use.

Now, there’s a new 2018 edition, and it debuts a few new features. The Samsung TV now offers an improved Art Mode to choose from more than 800 piece of art ranging in styles, and can create collections of preferred art for a room that The Frame will cycle through while not in use. To take advantage of Art Mode, users will need to individually purchase art from the Samsung Art Store, or sign up for an Art Store membership.

The 2018 Frame has built-in sensors that can adjust the screen’s brightness based on the time of day and amount of light in the room. There are also four different bezel colors to make the TV blend seamlessly into the room’s decor: black, white, walnut, and beige wood. The Frame also has the “One Invisible Connection” cable, a singular cord connecting the TV, cable box. and other source devices, essentially decluttering the tangle of wires usually found next to a standard TV set.

The Frame will be available on Samsung’s website and at retailers across the U.S. It comes in two sizes, 55” and 65”, with pricing from $1,999 to $2,799.

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