Declutter any room with these cord organizing hacks

Woven in Rope
Courtesy of A Merry Mishap

Woven in Rope

Love the look of Christmas lights, but wish you could upgrade the typical (not-so-attractive) wire look? Weave them into a rope strand for this beautiful look year-round from A Merry Mishap.

Nordic Fix

Capture Scandinavian vibes all the way down to your power cords with this minimalist DIY, created by Swedish interior blog

Well-Read Router

One of the biggest technical eyesores is the inevitable black-box router. Place it in a central spot of your home without even noticing it, thanks to this book hack by Ana Maria Munoz.

Wrapped in Twine

You’ll want an extension cord in every room after turning them into a twine statement with this DIY by The Vow. Don’t worry, it isn’t a fire hazard.

Magic Mantel

If you’re good with wood, try this DIY that turns mantel shelves into a secret cover for those TV cords. None will be the wiser—except blogger Julie Blanner, the creator of this DIY.

White Camo

Bunch cords together and blend them into the wall with a little fabric, like In My Own Style did in this DIY.

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