Don’t leave your furry friend behind! Put them on this year’s Christmas list and browse our pet gift guide.

Pet Portrait
Courtesy of Sam and Jack

Our pets are considered to be a part of our families. This season show them appreciation by getting them a gift you will both love.

From collars that track your pet’s location to pet wine (Yes you read that right, we even have pet wine), we’ve rounded up everything your pet needs to stay safe and have fun. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of Prosecco, and pour your cat a bowl of Purrsecco while you two sit around the fireplace and enjoy bubbles as a family.

Pet accessories often come in corny cartoons of a cat with a fishbone or a dog with treats in their mouths but this season you can revamp your pet’s style with modern accessories. Let your four-legged friends sip in style with a water fountain with a sleek exterior that’ll highlight the color of your home. Revamp your dog’s sleeping quarters with a minimalist dog bed that is made with the same material as the mattress you sleep on. Because our pets deserve the very best.

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No need to worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ve included Mozy, a jacket for your legs, to keep you warm during those cold morning dog walks. We have Pet Cube, a camera monitor that includes telehealth for your pet so you can keep your pet safe even when you’re miles away.

Don’t wait for Santa to bring your furry friends their Christmas gift. Browse our gift guide and pick up something for your furry—or feathered—friend.

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